The Night We Met{A Zack x Sylvana Fanfiction}
The Night We Met{A Zack x Sylvana Fanfiction}  aphmau stories

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Sylvana is at a Beyonce concert, waiting for hours to go by. Someone decides to keep her company during it. It would seem they were meant for each other, well, maybe they were in a DIFFERENT UNIVERSE. But not here.

The Night We Met{A Zack x Sylvana Fanfiction}

Sylvana was spending her nights at a Beyonce concert she had managed to get the ticket to, she was basically waiting for it to start as people came in and out of the concert.

Sylvana tried to think of something to do until the concert started, she could talk to other fans... but she was afraid it would seem weird for the other person.

She decided to text Eric till then since there was nothing else to do.

They talked for about an hour or so about Beyonce and stuff like that, it seemed like time went by faster when she did... She didn't even notice it did.

It'd seem that a SPECIFIC PERSON got a seat next to her, so she got uncomfortable due to how close the seats were to each other and put her phone away.

None of them said anything to each other, as they should've.

Until someone decided to speak up.

"Hey, you're a Beyonce fan too, I'm assuming, what's your name? Sorry about the sudden conversation."

"Sylvana, and that's no worries. You?"


"Well, nice to meet you. How long have you been a fan of her?"

"Honestly not that long. Just got into her a few months ago."

So he's a newbie.

"Oh? Really? How many songs have you listened to?"

Sylvana got the urge to quiz him for some reason since he was new, she wanted to see how new he was.

"Let's see... Irreplaceable. Single ladies... And... uh... Listen?"

"Oh, honey- Lemme... help you. You need to listen to more songs than that."

"Why's that?"

"Gate Keepers. You're a target for that if you haven't listened to at least more than three songs."


"There's still some time before the concert starts, so you can listen to them quickly. I got earphones so here."

Sylvana quickly handed him a small radio with earphones, assuming he didn't bring his own.

"Well, okay."

"It has all the Beyonce songs that are currently out on it, so just listen to the ones you don't know."

So then they stopped talking to each other and went back to waiting, the concert decided to start at the wrong time entirely.

"We'll get back to this later, k?"

Zack nodded slightly as the concert started.

After the concert, they decided to hang out for a while and talk, while also going towards the parking lot.

"So, do you live around here?" Zack asked.

"Well, not around here, though I am staying here for the concert."

"I see. Well, it was nice talking to you. But this is my stop. Uh, wanna exchange numbers?"


They exchanged numbers as they both went on their way before Sylvana quickly stopped him.

"Wait.. We could hang out later in the week, you up for it?"

Zack smiled a bit and nodded,

"Of course."

Then they both went on their way, once again.

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