The Last Fish
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famousdoc Community member
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I always hated the term there are plenty of fish in the sea. Maybe I am just a lousy fishermen!

The Last Fish

I search for the next one who will ruin my heart, tear it to pieces and leave it in the same state as the last.

Yet even through the endless stream of swimming gills and separated eyes, I cannot catch a single fish I deem worthy to be mine.

They all flaunt their colors like shining marble, as if it makes them stand out amongst the glimmering stream.

I instead search for the one who does not glimmer with color, but the one who shines with love and compassion, the one who when surrounded by the brightest of fish can surpass each and every one,

to have the unique ability to swim in their own direction. To not follow but explore.

As I stick my hand in the cold waters tundra the only thing my shriveled fingers are met with is the dirt bedded ground that lay beneath.

Never to know the feeling of catching just one more fish. For maybe I was only meant to ever catch one, and I let her go.

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