I Don't Want You Back |JiKook, Imagine #1, Part 1|
          I Don't Want You Back 

     |JiKook, Imagine #1, Part 1| jikook stories

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"Daddy, who's that?"

I Don't Want You Back |JiKook, Imagine #1, Part 1|

DISCLAIMER: This story is based on some truth of what I went through with Kros Carrigan. Many of you may remember whom I am speaking about from one of my posts. However, I added a few things to make it more interesting; such as the kid. If you're wondering what's true and what isn't comment down below and I will tell you.

(Two weeks earlier)

Y/N came home, her son in her arms. Her son's name is Baek Kyung and he is currently six years old. But he was still Y/N's baby boy.

"Chim, we're home!" Her voice was full of excitement as she sat Kyung down and he immediately ran off on a grand search for his father.

Y/N smiled as she watched her boy run like he was running a marathon. Kyun was in love with his father. His father, to him, was the best man in the world.

Y/N was about to call again but stopped when she noticed something on the couch that wasn't there four hours ago when she left to go get their son.


Y/N's heart did a flip but something in her sparked. Hope hit her. She then staggered as she took in a sharp breath, hoping it wasn't what she thought.

"Daddy, who's that?"

And, just like that, Y/N's eyes widened as she heard her son speak. She then looked to see her son standing at the doorway, his eyes full of confusion.

And, just like that, her hope faltered and started to fail and crash. Everything inside her body started to burn.

She then looked to see Jimin appearing in the doorway, messily dressed. He faltered and stood there silently as he saw Y/N staring right at him.

"Jiminie, what's the matter?" A woman then appeared beside him, looking down at Kyung and then up at Y/N, "I thought they weren't going to be home for a while-"

She stopped speaking once Y/N felt everything inside her body rush to a complete stop. Her eyes closed and she fell backward into the wall.

Jimin rushed towards her.

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