Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 1|

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"You're to meet me there tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. Don't be late, understood?"

Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 1|

"I promise you I will be fine, Lola," Y/N smiled at her friend as she started to put on her jacket. She was going back home, "I will call you once I get there, alright?"

Lola gave her a look as she rolled her eyes on the couch, "If you don't, I swear to God." She was more worried than angry. She never liked Y/N walking out by herself.

Where Lola lived wasn't the best place for women to be alone at night. Kidnappings and murders were reported at least every week. It worried Lola sick about her best friend, Ahn Y/N.

"Shush," Y/N chuckled, opening the apartment door, "I promise I will." She smiled, closing the door behind herself, leaving her friend safe and alone in her apartment on the tenth floor.

She turned around and looked down both ends of the hallways, making sure it was clear before heading towards the elevator. She pressed the button and stood there waiting.

A man in a black hoodie came up beside her, seeming to be waiting as well. Y/N didn't look at him. She just looked forward, not attracting attention to herself.

And he is why she decided to not take the elevator.

"Damn thing..." She muttered normally, turning and walking to the stairs. The man turned his head and watched her carefully as she opened the door to go down the stairs.

Y/N closed the door and started to speed walk down the stairs. When she was one flight down, she heard the door open and close; then footsteps sounded behind and above her.

She rolled her eyes, only paranoid from Lola.

She reached the bottom of the stairs, walking right into the lobby of the building. A woman sat at the desk, cameras all around her.

Two men were standing in the corner at the bathrooms, staring at Y/N.

Y/N shook her head once again as she walked out of the building, the sliding doors shutting right behind her. She didn't look back as she walked down the street. It was nearly midnight.

She pulled out her phone, placing it against her ear. But she didn't call anyone. She acted as if she was on the phone, her eyes tightly closed. She felt like she was being followed.

"I am coming right now. I am less than two minutes away." Y/N smiled into the receiver, opening her eyes. She stopped at the sidewalk, putting her phone away.

She turned to the side, and looked out the corner of her eye.

Three men were casually walking towards her.

She turned as they started to walk faster, knowing she noticed them. She crossed the street, seeing a man standing on the sidewalk, looking up at the sky.

He was standing directly under a street lamp.

Y/N walked a little faster now, the men behind her matching her pace. She fully crossed the street ad started straight towards the stranger with silver hair.

"Honey!" She smiled and spoke loudly, wrapping her arms around his torso, "Thank you for waiting on me!" Her voice was cheery and happy but her eyes were wide with fear.

The man looked spooked and simply noticed her shaking. He was about to push the girl away until he saw three men standing behind a corner, watching her.

The man placed his hand on the Y/N's head, "I'll wait as long as I have to for you," He then ruffled her hair, wrapping his arms around her shoulders, "Shall we go?" He tilted his head.

Y/N nodded, her heart rate slowing down a bit now.

With the strange man arms still around her, they turned and started down the street. The stranger held her close and seemed to be paying attention to his surroundings.

Like he was waiting for something to happen.

They walked for nearly five minutes in silence until they stopped and the silver-haired man let her go. Y/N quickly bowed, her voice shaky, "Thank you!" She took in a deep breath.

"Can you raise your head?" The silver-haired man spoke bluntly with a cool tone.

Y/N did as he said as he continued to speak, "Since I help you, you owe me, correct?" He raised an eyebrow, folding his arms.

Y/N just nodded. She wanted to help him anyway she could after what he did for her.

"Give me your phone," He spoke, holding out his hand. Y/N did as he said. He quickly typed something in, giving it back to her, "You're to meet me there tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. Don't be late, understood?" He then held out his hand for what seemed to be a handshake.

Y/N took his hand in hers, "Understood." She didn't question him. She just felt like she owed this man her life, "Can I have your name?"

"Just call me Jimin."

She smiled, "I'm Y/N." She then bowed once more as they let each others hands go.

"Where do you live?" He raised an eyebrow as he turned to face her, "I will walk you home."

Y/N nodded as she wrapped her arm around his and started walking down the street. They didn't share a single word the rest of the trip.

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