Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 4|

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"If you call me woman again, I will scream."

Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 4|

After Jimin left his office, Y/N went to the room which he said was hers. She pulled out her phone, looking through her contacts. He had deleted every male on list.

The only female he kept was Lola. She threw her phone against the wall out of anger.

The screen shattered and small pieced of glass hit the floor along with her phone, "Fuck!" She screamed as she squatted and placed her head between her knees.

She felt something besides anger welling up in her.

Park Jimin, of all men, was ruining her life and there was nothing she could fo. Against a man like him, she was powerless. She had a life and it was currently taken from her.

It hurt her to even think about it.

She then let a tear escape her eye not hearing the door open.

A man with red hair was in the room and when he noticed Y/N, he went right over to her, placing his hand on her back as he squatted beside her.

Y/N looked up, expecting Jungkook, but it wasn't him. The man was smiling like crazy and his voice was elated sounding, "What's the matter, Mrs.Y/N? A lady like you shouldn't be shedding a single tear." He then took his thumb, erasing her tears from her cheeks.

"Jung Hoseok?" She spoke softly, trying to stop crying as he still held her face in both his hands.

He winked at her as he stood, keeping his hand down for her, "You can just call me Hobi," Y/N took his hand and he helped her stand, "Why are you crying to begin with, hmm?" He still held her hand tightly in his.

Y/N wasn't sure how to answer that so she simply smiled to herself as she shook her head, "My life has changed so much it's overwhelming." And that was the sugar-coated truth. She nodded, "I just needed to cool down is all."

"And you do that by crying?" Hoseok spoke softer now. He didn't seem like a bisexual flirt at all; he seemed more of an older brother or best friend.

Y/N nodded and smiled, flashing her teeth.

"Do a handstand when you want to cry. It'll stop the tears," He then placed his hand on her head as he peered down at her, "A lady like you is too pretty to cry. It doesn't suit you." He kept looking into her eyes.

Y/N just looked up at the red-headed man, seeing he was still smiling at her. She nodded, smiling right back as she nodded her head in agreeance.

After Hoseok left, Y/N decided to wait for Jimin in his office desk. Jungkook had already dropped her things off and was putting them away for her. He was in her room as Jimin came up.

He stopped when he saw Y/N in his chair, "What are you doing?" He spoke bristly as he stopped by the chair at his desk. He couldn't sit; it was occupied.

"Can't a wife see what her husband does?" He smiled and tilted her head, knowing Jungkook was around, "But you have been blocking me out lately."

Jimin looked shocked seeing her act this way all of a sudden.

He smiled, leaning down as he placed both arms on either side of her head, "Seems you're finally learning how to act," He grinned, "Good woman."

Y/N growled, "If you call me woman again, I will scream." Her face was red.

Jimin chuckled, "Then I'll have you screaming all day."

That was the only part Jungkook heard as he now stood in the doorway, a perplexed look on his face. He coughed, Jimin and Y/N both looking at him.

He then cleared his throat, eyes wide, as he went to the elevator, walking right in and disappearing.

Jimin then gave Y/N a look, "You knew he was in here, didn't you?"

Y/N grinned at him as she stood up, walking to her door.

"We have dinner tonight at The Black Swan, dress elegant please."He screamed at her as he sat in his desk and she slammed her door. He waited for her to make a sound but she didn't.

Y/N was quiet.

"I like this one." He chuckled, " Better than my last fake engagement."

He yawned, leaning back in his seat as he closed his eyes. He was smiling, happy with himself.

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