Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 3|

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"What can I do for you now, my dear husband?"

Chances |Park Jimin, Imagine #3, Part 3|

Jungkook opened the car door, ready to let Y/N in. However, she just stood there, taking in deep breaths.

Jungkook noticed, "Y/N, are you alright?" He then took a step forward and placed the palm of his hand on her forehead, "Do you feel sick?" His voice was low.

"N-No!" She backed up, "I am fine, thank you." She then got in the car, closing the door herself. She put her seatbelt on, looking out the window. She closed her eyes.

Jungkook got in the car at the wheel and looked back to see Y/N resting her head against the door. He started the limo and stepped on the gas.

A few minutes later Jungkook parked in a space, getting out the car. Y/N didn't bother waiting for him to open up her door. She stepped out, slamming it as she did so. She wasn't happy at all.

"Ready, ma'am?" Jungkook smiled, his suit was flawless along with his skin.

She nodded and started forward. He walked directly behind her, not letting more than a foot come between them.

She brought her phone up closer as she looked at the bank account Jimin gave to her. It was loaded. In a way, she felt like a beggar, a taker, a user.

She closed her eyes as she shoved her phone in her back pocket. She crossed her arms as she entered the large mall area, people were everywhere.

She stopped at a lingerie store. She figured since she had money she might as well love herself.

She looked back at Jungkook, raising en eyebrow, "You sure you wanna come in here with me?" She smiled at him.

"I have been with plenty of women, I think I'm fine." He winked as he walked past her, entering the store. She shook her head and followed after the man in the fancy suit.

He was strutting, not ashamed.

She laughed to herself as she walked in right after him. Once she did, she noticed a man standing behind the cash register to her left.

She turned her head to see a man with blonde hair and dimples staring right at her. She stopped briefly, taking in his extreme gaze. Something seemed familiar.

"Y/N," Jungkook smiled at her, "Buy whatever you want, I'll carry it." He then shoved her towards the lace department.

She nodded and looked away from the man, walking down the aisle, Jungkook right behind her. He sensed her insecurity almost instantly.

Nearly six hours later, Jungkook had packed the car with the clothes, groceries, and accessories. She bought the whole trunk and backseat full.

Since Jimin gave her the money, she may as well spend it.

She got in the passenger seat as Jungkook started the car, pulling out into the road.

She turned to look at Jungkook, "Why did Jimin choose you to be my assistant?" She raised an eyebrow at the purple-haired male who had flawless skin.

"I'm sure you've met Taehyung; he is too flirty to be any woman's assistant," He took a left turn, "Hoseok loves women and men so he can be hard to handle; especially when he's drunk." He laughed as he took another left, "And Yoongi is just an ass to women."

Y/N nodded looking out the window, "Do you know who that blonde man was?"

"Namjoon, he is very popular in the fashion industry. He runs Kim Fahsionwear." Jungkook stopped the car a few minutes later, no other words were exchanged, "Head on up, I will drop these off at the office later. I have something to attend to."

Y/N got out of the car and shut the door as she entered The Park Estate building. She turned to her left to see a man with green hair waiting at the elevator.

She then walked up to him as the elevator opened. She was about to get in but didn't have a chance when the green-haired man quickly stepped out.

He walked away mumbling as the doors shut. She tilted her head and nodded, thinking about what Jungkook said. She smirked, "Must be Yoongi." She then clicked the penthouse button.

Once the doors opened, Y/N saw Jimin standing at his desk, staring right at her. She took a step forward, the door shutting.

Jimin then gave her a look.

She smiled, "What can I do for you now, my dear husband?" She was as sarcastic as possible.

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