Angelic Nightmare (SPIN-OFF) |Park Jimin, Imagine #1, Part 2|
Angelic Nightmare (SPIN-OFF)

|Park Jimin,
                          Imagine #1, Part 2| parkjimin stories

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"My brothers will be coming for you soon and they won't be forgiving."

Angelic Nightmare (SPIN-OFF) |Park Jimin, Imagine #1, Part 2|

"Stay away from me!" Y/N hissed at Jimin now, anger fueling her eyes, "I-I'm not kidding!"

He raised an eyebrow and walked forward, "Are you threatening me, human?" His voice was brutal to hear. He sounded like a siren on steroids.

Y/N narrowed her eyes, "You're the one who threatened me first." She was still completely backed up against her kitchen wall.

"That was merely a promise, little girl." He chuckled, his wings appearing behind his back; he was simply dragging them. Blood black came from his wings.

Y/N did the only thing she could.

She grabbed the knife on the table and rushed him. He grabbed at her and she simply stuck the knife deep into his wing.

The man screeched like a banshee and let her go, grabbing the knife that was deep into his wing and partially in his back. His screams filled the air, her windows caving into the house. The glass on the bars shattered like they were nothing.

Y/N started to run to the door but stopped when she turned to see the man on the floor, black blood coming from his eyes now. He was screaming, grabbing at his wing, he was crying.

Y/N dropped her hand from the handle. She had never hurt a thing in her life and her heart ached to hear his screams. However, she wanted him to deserve it. She wanted him to hurt.

But she just couldn't.

She slowly walked towards him. Once she kneeled down, he snapped at her, anger and murder flashing in his eyes.

She slowly grabbed the knife, pulling it from his wing and back. He then smacked it out of her hands, grabbing her throat and taking her under him.

Her eyes widened as he held her down. However, he couldn't for long. He grew weak and fell off of her, his wing snapping.

She sat up, grabbing her throat to see the man curled into a ball beside her. He wasn't breathing well. She noticed all the blood he was leaking. She also noticed his wing that wasn't attached to his body.

She then touched the wing but retracted her hand quickly as it started to turn to dust. She screamed and stood up, seeing the other wind on his back start to decay.

Jimin slowly sat up and Y/N held the knife in her hands now.

Jimin looked back at her, black tears in his eyes. He smiled, "I hope you enjoyed killing an Angel." His face was turning pale.

Y/N face sunk, "Killing an Angel?" She put the knife on the bar and squatted down, staring right at him.

"A Death Angel," Jimin spoke, not looking at her, "You were supposed to die but it seems that didn't work." He softly chuckled, pain in his laugh.

Y/N's eyes drained.

Jimin grinned as he looked at her, "But, don't worry," He smiled and looked, "My brothers will be coming for you soon and they won't be forgiving."

"Brothers?" Y/N spoke softly, her heart dropping in her chest.

Jimin growled, "All six of them."

This is made for @lynn03 :) I hope you enjoyed it, Love <3

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