I See You |Park Jimin, Imagine #2, Part 1|
                        I See You

|Park Jimin,
                         Imagine #2, Part 1| parkjimin stories

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"Walls have ears. Doors have eyes. Trees have voices. Beasts tell lies. Beware the rain. Beware the snow. Beware the man you think you know."

I See You |Park Jimin, Imagine #2, Part 1|

- 4 Years Ago - "Listen to me, stop scaring all the other kids with your made-up stories! Do you understand me, Ahn Y/N?" Y/N's mother, Ahn Lola, was beyond angry.

Ever since Y/N could talk, Lola would have to deal with her stories of a figure who haunted her, followed her, and whispered things to her. Of course, her mother didn't believe it. She took her daughter to counseling and got her tested; they never did find anything wrong with the now 12-year-old girl.

Y/N let her head fall but she shook her head, tears falling down her cheeks, "It's true, momma! He follows me." She was sobbing now, fear in her heart. She was holding onto her mother, not letting go.

"Y/N!" Lola slapped her daughter. Y/N hit the floor on her butt, holding her red cheek, "You're never to go out again until you drop this bullshit you make up for attention." Lola growled, picking the girl up by her hair, dragging her.

"Momma, please no!" She screamed and cried. Y/N looked forward, her mother taking her to her room, and her eyes widened. The dark figure was in her doorway, waiting for her, "No!" She cried even louder.

Lola then threw her daughter into her room, slamming and locking the door. Y/N scrambled to the door, beating on it. She was terrified. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the figure sitting on the floor, staring right at her.

- 3 Years Ago - Y/N sat at the round table, a cake before her. She was turning 13 now and her mother just told her to make a wish.

Other little girls were sitting at the table, smiling and waiting for the cake and for Y/N to blow out the candles. Lola had a camera in her hand, videoing her daughter.

Y/N closed her eyes, blowing out the candles. She then opened her eyes, everyone cheering, and clapping. Lola gave Y/N a knife, allowing her to make the first cut to the triple-layered chocolate cake.

Y/N stood up, starting to bring the knife to the cake but she stopped. The hair on the back of her neck went up as she felt something touch her shoulder. A whisper sounded in her head, "Hell is empty, Ahn Y/N, and all the devils are here."

The little girl screamed, dropping the knife to the ground. She then slammed her body against the table, shuttering. The table flipped with her force, the cake flying into her mother.

She screamed and sobbed, grabbing at her head. She fell to the ground, screaming and kicking violently. Her mother hissed and the girls at the party started to scream, their parents grabbing them and pulling them away from Y/N who was all over the porch floor.

- 2 Years Ago - Y/N sat in the hospital bed, cuts running all up and down her arms. She was crying heavily. Her body was bruised due to her falling and running into objects. Her fingernails were bitten down to the quick and they were bleeding. She was going insane.

The doctor came in with her mother, they were talking at the door now. They weren't approaching the 14-year-old girl yet. They waited to see her reaction to them being in the room far away from her. They were waiting for her to have another 'episode' of insanity.

Y/N looked up, seeing the black figure standing at the foot of the hospital bed. Y/N knew it was a man but he had no features, he had nothing. He looked like a black shadow.

"Leave me alone." Y/N cried out, the doctor and Lola turning to look at her. The doctor rushed out of the room, knowing they'd have to get more people to restrain the girl.

The figure started to sing in a whisper now, "Walls have ears. Doors have eyes. Trees have voices. Beasts tell lies. Beware the rain. Beware the snow. Beware the man you think you know." The figure stared straight at Y/N, his voice getting louder.

Y/N screamed just as multiple doctors came into the room. Her mother left, covering her face in shame. As the doctors started to grab Y/N, trying to hold her down, the figure was right in her face, a frown apparent.

- 1 Year Ago - Y/N held her books in her hands tightly, looking down as she walked home. She had just gotten out of school and another day in hell. Kids picked on her daily for her 'made-up stories' about the black figure which haunted her.

"There she is!" Another 15-year-old girl laughed and pointed at Y/N, who was crying, "The ghost chaser." The girls and boys around her chuckled and snorted at the crude remark.

Y/N was going to ignore it until she saw the black figure cross in front of her. She then looked up, seeing the figure simply float to the girl who insulted her.

Y/N stared at the girl who insulted her, her name was Makenzie Hilton. She then watched as the black figure reached out, swiping directly under both of Makenzie's feet.

Makenzie fell to the ground, dropping her books and falling right on her butt. The kids around her started to laugh as the figure turned to look at Y/N. Makenzie screamed and punched the ground.

"Walk away." The figure whispered as it disappeared. Y/N then looked back down, walking away as fast as she could. The figure had never done that before.

- Now - Ahn Y/N, now at the age of 16, sat in her desk at her school. She was currently in her Sophomore year. For the past week, Y/N hadn't seen the figure that followed her around but she knew he was there.

She stood up as the teacher dismissed the class, a few seconds after the bell for dismissal went off. Y/N grabbed all her things, ready to leave the room.

Y/N stood quickly, leaving the room before anyone else had even thought about standing up. She was ready to go home. She didn't want to be out with people anymore. She was scared and haunted.

She rushed out of the school's doors before anyone else, like she did every day, and started to walk home through the rain. She barreled down the street, not stopping for anything or anyone.

However, she came to a sudden stop when a familiar voice pierced her ears. It was a harsh scream sounding inside her head and it made her eyes break down and water. Her body started to shake.

The black figure was in front of her front door on the porch, lying on the ground, screaming and crying out in pain, "RUN!" It screamed the same word over and over, causing Y/N to drop her books and back-up. And that's when Y/N saw it. That's when she saw what made her race inside the house.

Blood coated the door.

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