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No one will remember you

It is a shame, and a hard thing to grapple with

That despite all you may have accomplished

All the titles you could acquire

It won't mean anything two minutes after the end

When the time comes,

what is it about you that will truly be lost?

A best friend whose name will disappear into the wind

perhaps the last words falling from your lips

that people will mistake for the ramblings of a dying old person

It is in that moment, so close to the end that it is realized:

no one knows who you really are

They know your name

Perhaps your life story

But do they realize what went on behind the scenes?

That the sugar you smuggled into your closet was for a midnight rendezvous

With the person you perhaps would know you best of all

That your creativity stemmed from seeking understanding

and attempting to prove to yourself he was real

That your soul grew through these interactions,

and not from what you learned those languid years in school

My essence is grounded in the figmented reality of childhood imagination

And when your final chapter comes to a close

I will take your hand

Our essence intertwined at last

-Emily S. (2018)

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