Thank You! (Also, suggestions?)
Thank You! (Also, suggestions?) thankyou stories

elleseng new poem or contest battle? dm me which!
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Thanks a million to all of you who've been helping me throughout this past month!!

Thank You! (Also, suggestions?)

Hi guys,

So over the past five days, I've gone from 100 to 500 followers, and that's a pretty big deal for me!

I don't like to turn people into numbers, but I will say this: it means so much to me that all of these people enjoy my work!

So I wanted to give some special shout-outs to people who have really helped me on this journey. I'll start at newest followers and work down to the oldest ones. I've probably missed a couple of people because I'm exhausted, so I'm sorry if I did.

@horsegirl- Thanks for your friendliness!

@shivabratsikdar- Thank you for your kind comments!

@rosarlei- Thank you for being supportive!

@thebookqueen14- Thanks for reaching out!

@inkdragon- Thank you for being so friendly to me! It is appreciated :)

@bookishtween13- new friend as of a couple minutes ago :)

@tarocutes- Thank you for the kind comments and for supporting me from day one!

@alostwriter- Thanks for being a friend to me, it was fun interviewing you!

@firefox55- Thank you for reaching out!

@theecollin- Thanks for your comments!

@stadarooni- Thank you for being patient and friendly during the Secret Santa projects!

@pratanubanerjee- Thanks for your many kind comments!

@valorheart- Thank you especially for your answer on my "what do you think I look like" post lol

@wawa_lover- Thanks for your extremely energetic Mafia messages!

@malcolm_pace- Thank you for your kind comments, fellow child of Athena :)

@chopsui- Thanks for being one of my first friends on Commaful :)

@commafulgames- Thank you for your patience with me as well as not killing me (yet) in the Hunger Games!

@papaya_grl619- Thanks for your support!!!

@animevampire05- Thanks for your kind comments!

@darkphantom111- Thank you for your dedication to Mafia :)

@beans39- Also, thank you for your kind comments!

@redvelvetcookie- Thanks so much for your kind messages and constant support :) it has helped me a lot

@wafflecatz- Wow, where to begin? You've always been such a good friend to me, I don't know what I'd do without you.

@pigfromcali- Thank you, my district 2 buddy!

@ink_monster- Thanks for all your support!

@astralphoenix- Thanks for taking the time to comment on my posts and answer my messages!!! When I was worried you'd be mad if I did an interview show, you actually agreed to be on it.. .just showing what a kind person you are.. thank you!!

@goldenflame- Thank you so so so much for everything. When I interviewed you for Weird Questions, I didn't know you at all, but since then you've been such a wonderful friend to me, and I always enjoy chatting with you :)

@majorityone- Thanks for your indepth comments, I appreciate them!

@aspendao- One of my first friends on Commaful. You are so kind and I'm so glad I know you!!! You're so underrated!! (Had to save the best for last) ;)

Thanks to everyone who stayed with me through all of that. I wanted to single some people out, although I really do appreciate each and every one of you.

The fact that you're here helps me when I'm going through my hardest days. I have a question for you... is there something you want me to do as a gesture? I'm talking a Q&A, contest, etc.

You guys can comment below what you think, and I'll do my best to follow through. Or, if you want me to post something...

a part 3 to Commaful Relatable Posts, another game of Mafia, a Weird Questions interview, another Among Us Tips... let me know!

Alright, that's it everyone! Thanks for all your kindness and hospitality :)

Merry Christmas!!!!!! (or if you don't do Xmas, have a nice day!!)

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