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eliandrews I'm tired
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Dealing with break-ups might be the most brutal part of being a teenager. We all have our own ways of handling things, I just wish It could have gone better.
Something light, splitting up is harsh enough.

Give it Back

I suppose that I could cry about you Flick my pick and make a tune in one, two

But I don't think that you deserve another minute of my time And I don't think that I deserve what's yours too

I guess we're never really lovers after all What started back in summer ends on fall

And I get that I've never been the best at being great But I thought at least that we could start small

It's kinda harsh the way you told me that we're over I mean you didn't have to guts to call me sober

But I guess I can't complain, I mean I liked you after all I just hope the both of us can now recover

I just wish you'd give me my guitar back Girl that's an acoustic brown sunburst Adam Black

Yeah other people call it lame but that old hooter has my name And I just wish you could return it still intact


Yeah no seriously Katie if you're reading this give me my guitar back

Give it Back

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