Dear False and True Me
Dear False and True Me poetry stories
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egotistical I'm a genderfluid biromantic asexual.
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A poem about me being genderfluid/nonbinary/transgender. Trigger warning for self-harm

Dear False and True Me

Dear Emma, your name is poison on my lips

Dear Emma, I hate your fucking hips

Dear Emma, why does everyone only ever see you?

Dear Eemmas, you're all my mother knows

Dear Ego, you'll never show

Dear Ego, you know who you are

Dear Ego, you shine like a star

Dear Emma, your breasts are the only thing anyone ever sees

Dear Emma, remember the girl you used to be?

The one you still sometimes are?

Dear Emma, do you remember the first time you cut?

The blade stuck

Deep into your skin

Dear Emma, who are you to erase my gender?

Who are you to say I'm not transgender?

Dear Emma, you are the one who my mother loves.

Dear Ego, you are the one who my mother shuns.

Dear Emma, you are no longer me

Dear Ego, hello darling.

Dear Emma, go away.

Dear Ego, how are you doing?

Dear Emma, no. I am rarely a girl. So why does everyone always call me a "her"?

Dear Ego, you are usually a boy.

But your genderfluidity is the talk of your family.

They believe that you are lying.

Full of bs and baby self-harm.

Dear Emma, you are a left over suicide attempt

Yet somehow you charm

Everyone around you to get your way

Just by saying "Hey"

People fell at your feet.

Now they weep.


Dear Ego, you are the true me.

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