Thank You!
Thank You! thank you stories

edie_taylor Am I a crazy girl? Maybe 🙄
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Thank you everyone!

Thank You!

I can’t believe I got the Gifted Writer and 100 followers in the same day! And it is all thanks to you!

I never thought I could make to this point. Really! I never won anything in my life and I always felt like I wasn’t good in anything.

But than I just said to myself “I don’t care anymore”, and than I started being me. I stopped trying so hard to be another person. And seens like being me is working pretty well!

Made some friend like @rosarlie and @yeeeeeeeeeeeeee I met incredible writes like @pendependent and @badlands17 And met the nicest people like @katjushap and @hanniecakes

And thank you @friedchicken for being my best friend for 7 years! I can’t believe we made this far together!

Thank you!

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