Forgotten Voice
Forgotten Voice echoes stories

duskthoughts Empathy-The voice of understanding
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10 minutes write for the prompt plus the digital art team up with Rain_Drop_12 😁

Forgotten Voice

Firstly, I want everyone here to acknowledge the cover photo. I recently posted about working along side @Rain_drop_12. They are currently practicing digital art so we have a fun team up. I’m going to stick to a theme of these art dolls when posting piece based off of my empathetic nature. So please do share some praise to them😆

Forgotten Voice

I am muted by times constant flow, competing against sand slipping between desperate palms

My voice, forgotten to be carried, by the world of willows and wind.

So where would my cries of notice me -I am hurting- fly when it is lost amongst the world, without a messenger of an echo.

Do you see me with eyes that are talking when my voice becomes lost to the world.

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