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June was the month of friendship. July was the month of...
Hello hope you like this poem. Id appreciate feedback! What parts were good, which can improve or even suggestions on what to change. Thanks!


was the month of friendship and games.

Days filled with pizza and ice cream and to much time to spare

Our part-time jobs flipping burgers where we two became three

A new squad that formed, naturally, like my liking to you

June was the time to meet and to trust

We three spent the days just lazing away

Spent the days in our own heaven

Days spent together and nights on the phone

Hundreds of texts and dozens of calls

The butterflies watched us in daylight

They laughed with us

They sat and watched the comfort unfold

Our jokes were the worst but only we could understand

All 3 shoulders, ready to catch spare tears.

The crickets stayed up all night with us

They cried with us

Our stories of pain and struggle were kept safe with them

They chirped and listened to the darkness

All 3 hearts exposed and bonding stronger than ever

And to calm our nerves we'd look for a blunt.

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