Summer of 2020 bucket list!
Summer of 2020 bucket list! bucket list stories
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Summer bucket list. Try it out! Have fun!! I sure did!!

Summer of 2020 bucket list!

So covid has stoped lots of people from traveling and having fun... But you can still do stuff and have fun at home!! There's the ups and downs but I know I wanted this summer to be the summer I remembered forever. We went camping. I met a guy named river who's from Zambia. I read like 1000 books. I had fun.

But I have a bucket list that I haven't finished and I wanted to do. And I thought about you guys who are probably stuck at home doing nothing and being bored. So I thought why not make a bucket list that you can do? So I did. There fun and pretty easy. Have fun and make good memory's. Try to do as many as possible and tell me about what happened in the comments!

1) swim in the ocean or a lake:) bring floaties or a kayak or some fun swimming object. If you have none bring friends. Find a spot no one is and set up camp have fun and laugh with friends:)

2) eat a mango on a stick. Or try something that's wht summer. Something new. A new flavor of ice cream or slushie/ freezes

3) go for ice cream. Make some good memory's. Bring friends or siblings along. Make another stupid inside joke you can laugh about.

4) go for a long run. See just how far you can make it. Listen to music and set a place to try to make it to. Try for flat ground it's the easiest. Have fun at it once you make it take a picture. Make a memory maybe go bushwacking to find a new favorite place.

5) make a playlist with upbeat songs. Than grab some friends and turn it up and play around in the backyard with the garden hose. Or in the pool:) if you don't have one get a sibling or someone to drive you and your friends to a lake or the ocean bring the music and snacks. Party!! Walk or bike to get there if possible.

6) throw a movie marathon with a couple close friends. Bring snacks and blankets. Have fun. Share secrets. Laugh. Tell scary stories!

7) give a best friend a tattoo with a marker. Do one that reminds you of them. Have fun and laugh about it. An inside joke or silly thing someone said. It's fun and gives you a smile every time you see it!

8) camp in your back yard/ trampoline. Do it somewhere quiet and fun. Watch the stars and have fun. Bring a friend:)

9) clean your closet. Or room. Give the stuff you don't want to charity or to a thrift store. If you want do it with a friend so you can swap clothes and steal there's. Have fun and get some cute new clothes.

10) grab a friend and explore something in your nabourhood or close by. Make it an afternoon thing. The entire day. Climb, swim, explore have fun with it.

11) bike ride. Go all the way to the next town or to a favorite meet up spot. A cool place. Have a picnic and meet up with some friends.

12) find a good look out. Go to the ocean or a lake or a pretty mountain. Climb a hike and look out over the view. Take pictures or keep it in your memory.

13) do something that scares you. Try it even if it's scary. You will get over it and get stronger because of it!

14) pedicure time!! Grab some nail polish and some music turn it up and have a girls/ guys day!! Grab your mom/dad or sister/ brother laugh and have fun making jokes while giving each other or your self a pedicure. ( anyone can have fun doing this show it off to your guy friends:) make it a new style don't care what others think!!)

15) dance routine!! Dance it up!! Favorite song✅ Empty room✅ Friend or sibling✅ Make it up as you go. Have fun and make some new crazy moves.

16) 24 hours without electricity!! How long do you last? Anyone who can make it all 24 hours! have fun make your own dinner and if you want make it a entire family thing.

17) for one day forget all your worries. Don't let anything get to you. Live a little. Take a risk. Have a fun day and don't let anyone change the smile on your face.

18) make a new friend. Online or in your town. Go to a store and smile to someone. Say hello and smile. Invite a friend to hang and bring there friend with them.

19) thrift finds!! Get several friends grab your wallet and run to the thrift store. Start with everyone has a basket and count to ten than give each other a certain time limit. Go!! Get an outfit, a good book and a funny thing that reminds you of one of the people in the group. First one back with everything wins!! Make it fun!! Who doesn't love a race?

20) get a bunch of friends and go to the house with the best kitchen. Each person bring different food. Than make a giant dinner for everyone. Or lunch. Have fun and turn the music and laughter up!!

Hope you guys try some of these I might do one next month. Just some fun ideas to get together with friends or get closer to family. How to get outside and have fun!! Remember anyone can do these. Guy, girl, alien. Anyone but make see you have fun and make some good memory's!

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