My Hero Chapter 41 Part 1
My Hero 

Chapter 41                               Part 1 my hero stories

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Premier Zachary Dhalis turns to the Survey Corps. It's finally their turn to speak. - Captain Levi, you were a part of the mission. Tell us what happened.

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My Hero Chapter 41 Part 1

Premier Zachary Dhalis turns to the Survey Corps. It's finally their turn to speak.

- Captain Levi, you were a part of the mission. Tell us what happened.

A glimmer of hope lights up inside of me. The Commander pays close attention to the Captain's words, and so does Eren. At this very moment for us he is the epitome of a savior.

I'm not sure if he notices our expectant glances, but he speaks as calmly and unfazed as ever.

- Our mission was quite simple - to get rid of a possible threat.

After facing the Armored Titan we had a good reason to suspect there was another traitor among us, but there was a big risk involved.

If we had acted rashly without a good plan in motion, things might have ended up with a failure. That was the reason why we decided on a secret mission.

You see, sometimes it's necessary to trick your enemy - it's actually a very smart battle strategy. We were aware of the possible consequences, but we decided the risk is worth it.

I am not excusing our actions in any way, but I believe we were right in what we did.

- I will be the judge of that. Tell us about the mission events.

- Gladly. I was in charge of looking after the youngsters. We split around Kalanes District, and each group began their assigned task.

I assisted them, and kept close watch on the person we suspected. Most of the day went by without any development. I went around to check if all the supply bases were executed properly.

I was close to the Inner gate when it happened - the distinct sign of someone transforming into a titan.

When I arrived at the spot, the Survey Corps were already fighting against the Female Titan.

Apparently, Eren was in no shape to transform, which meant it was up to me to take care of her - something we discussed prior the mission.

Desi went ahead of me, and tried to fight her on her own. She believed this was something she had to do. But she got injured in the process.

The Female Titan attempted to escape, and I went after her. I wasn't present for Desi's transformation, it happened afterwards. I wasn't aware of her ability, no one was.

Premier Zachary Dhalis interrupts the Captain.

- Do you think she hid it on purpose?

Captain Levi looks my way, and I hold his gaze.

- No, I believe she had no idea.

Did the Captain...just lie for my sake?

- Alright, please, continue.

- Once she turned into a Titan, she went for the Female Titan and did her best to give us enough openings to attack, and tire her out just enough for me to land the decisive blow.

Everyone did their best, and we accomplished a clean victory with no casualties.

Unfortunately, because of the unforeseen events, we are still far from any further knowledge about the truth behind Titan shifters. But we did gain a lot as well.

We have two of them right now, and they are both on our side.

- How are you so certain of that, Captain Levi?

- You see, Premier, I've fought alongside of both of them, and I have enough reasons to trust them. When Eren's ability came to light, his choice was to fight for humanity. Desi did the same.

They could have easily repeated the actions of the three other titan shifters, but they didn't. They chose to stay, painfully aware that they will be considered monsters.

Because their sense of duty is strong enough.

Premier Zachary Dhalis scratches his beard, deep in thought.

- I understand what you mean, Captain Levi, but aren't the odds of them turning against us high enough to consider them a dangerous enemy to humanity?

There is no proof they won't decide to betray us at any given moment.

- That's true, but there is one thing I can guarantee. If that ever happens, I myself will take care of them personally, and make sure they pay for such actions.

- If I may interrupt, Premier.

Nile Dok raised his hand.

- Yes, do you have anything to say, Commander?

- My question is for Captain Levi.

He turns towards the latter.

- In the battle against the Armored Titan, you lost your squad to him, isn't that right? In the end, you didn't manage to defeat him.

What reason do we have to trust you with not one, but two titan-shifters? How do you think you can manage?

The nerve of this guy! To my surprise, the Captain isn't fazed at all; instead he actually lets out what I can only describe as a sarcastic laugh.

- A very good question.

He then moves towards us, and stops in front of Eren. He stares down at him for a bit, before landing a series of kicks against his body.

"What...the hell??"

Mikasa is beyond furious, and attempts to jump in and help Eren, but Armin stops her from doing so.

My body flinches uncomfortably with every hit Eren receives from the Captain, and they seem to be endless.

When the Captain finally seizes his actions, Eren spits out blood and his face is covered in bruises. During the whole thing no one dared to even think of interrupting.

Nile Dok's face is covered in sweat, and it's easy to tell he's frightened by this display of brutality. The Captain turns to him.

- What I just did, can you manage it? If such a moment comes when Eren needs to be put down, can you go against him? Can you fight with an intelligent Titan that can kill you on the spot?

Do you have that kind of courage?

The Commander stutters and no words leave his mouth.

- Precisely. While you cower away in fear, I can fight and carry this burden on my shoulders.

Captain Levi moves his gaze from Commander Nile Dok, and concentrates on the Premier instead.

- I am fairly certain we have a big chance of progress with Desi and Eren on our side. In case of any issues with either one of them, I assure you, I will put them out of their misery.

You can count on that.

- Alright, I guess with your skills it's only natural to entrust you with such a difficult task. However, that doesn't solve our cardinal issue.

We need to settle the matter once and for all, and to do that we need to know whether or not we can trust Eren and Desi to keep doing their duty as soldiers.

In order for that to be successful, they need to provide us with proof of their loyalty, and earn our trust. For that purpose, I will now listen to each one of them.

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