Two Three (complete poem)
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debadityadutta17/ humble writer..
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Two Three (complete poem)

Mortal death, Catch your breath, Lock unsheath, Where's our feet? @debadityadutta

Mourning knell, Plunge into hell, Gentle night, Peace in sight? @in

Icy rain Chill my heart Soften pain With your art. @stevewaldrop

Where's peace? my personal hell, Locked away, in judgement's track. @soothrain

crushed desires, Molten blood, Near flames, I seek fire. @salmakhatoon918 Authors note- This is my mental state right now I am not sure abt it's perfection but i jope u like it...this explains how one feel when they want to hurt themselves 😁😁

New dawn and old hopes, pinned together with tight ropes. @skye

Another day, With me away, Seeking peace, Without a cease. @chhr2103

Looking back I lost track, You're gone We are done. @prettilayko

Nouvelle exordiums Merry , mended life Amnesiac past accounts; Coda of strife. @poet_tani

Weeping willows Glistening gazes a silent walkaway the solemness amazes! @aska

Dancing raindrops Gently fall down My cheeks As you go @iowamamaof3

Dark sky Worsens your day Makes you cry As you walk away @buddytheelf

Tears freeze Becoming biting icicles They’ll melt In due time @genevieve

Clutching heart, Breaking my ribcage, Perfect start, Released my rage. @chhr2103

Symphonic Strain Calmed, conciliated crunch Soothes solitary soul Blithes born as a bunch! @poet_tani

Flat belly, Drains are smelly, Stinky perfume, Flowers of gloom, @debadityadutta

Rejuvenating flora Fumigates the room Lingering stench Withers away @sassymyass1

Birds' serenade Soothes lost souls Torments bereaved With elegy song @pistachio

Love rays... Shines every ways Feeling of great affection Time line last to new evolution @cicirei

Human robots, Brain without heart, Dystopia’s fairytale, Whole new world. @ultra_violet22

Everything cyber, Like, share, subscriber, All machines, Eyes on screens, @chhr2103

No emotions Only calculated solutions But this didn’t fix us It only grew the emptiness inside @tas_poetryy

Sorrow fixed, Misery took birth. Coded words, Camouflaged in truth. @soothrain

Truth discovered With broken heart. My summer; Now lost in blizzard. @bookland_bunny

Faith unwrapped, Hope hums heroically. Never trapped, Love dawns poetry. @stadarooni

Soothing lullabies I will sing Calming cries Peace will begin @lizziebevis

Goodbye tussle Peroration of gloom Christening of bliss New flowers bloom! @poet_tani

Happiness Lake Land of dreams A band of mellifluous symphony A ray of shining beams @poetsome

rays of radiation mutate my cells to fit with yours @weeklybrent

Wistful grin Whispers of wind New day's dawn Old times now gone @kaceymackwriter

Silent nights Are loudest ones Poetry's solace Calms disturbed bards. @pistachio

Found solitude After I screwed Found peace In poetic caprice @di144

Words form On the page Key found Unlock the cage @hanniecakes

Demons chase happiness I hate counting days for me pray @imaginarywriter

It's been A journey so Long yet fulfilling That through This time virtually I found a new family To blend in

Love commaful !!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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