The Sons of Seasons

The Sons of Seasons sky stories

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For the parents that is trying to give a simple story about seasons to their kids, or simply want their kids to go to bed with something in their mind.

The Sons of Seasons

I remember telling a story for my nephew. He was sent to me by his father during the winter vacation. It was back in my farm, the winter was long. I didn't plant any crops due to the weather.

My livestock were still in the barn, so I don't do much during winter. Well, my nephew came to me and ask why I'm not working, doing farmer's work or something.

I told him that it's because of the winter. Then I started explaining to my 5 year old nephew how crops can't grow during winter. I didn't expect that he will ask more about it, such curiosity. He asked me about why there's winter, and why there's summer, and everything.

Things got more complicated when he knows that I only work during spring, summer, and a bit on the beginning of autumn. He questions about the fairness of this world, that I can only receive my goods and profits for about a half of a year.

Well, that surprises me, I know that explaining those science and physics is a lot for my nephew, so I started with a simpler story.

"Kid, there was time when Mother Earth, or this world that you were standing in, is lonely and doesn't have a company." "Then, there's a figure that started approaching and looking after her. We called him, Father Sky."

"They loved each other, and then finally Father Sky gives Mother Earth both sun and moon as a gift for their wedding." "The marriage continues and they were blessed with four sons, we called them, Summer, Autumn, Winter, and Spring."

"Summer is a really energetic boy. One time, when he was a child, he jumps on certain spots, and when his feet steps on the ground, the waters become dry. That is why you can see deserts in this world."

"Autumn, is a very calm child, or lazy, can't distinguish between those two. Every time he sleeps, it seems like his surroundings also rest with him."

"Winter, the cold-heart child that always want to be left alone. This is the reason that sometimes he only stays on the north and the south side of the earth."

"And lastly, Spring, is the most cheerful one. It's not like he gives happiness to the environment, but it's more like he sucks the sadness and depression around him."

"It's always fun right? The younger days of brothers, playing together, under supervision of their parents, like a happy family, such as ours."

"Because of that, many living things, such as dinosaurs, you know, the one that you usually play with back in your home, come living with this harmonious family, as well as other plants and foliage."

"But there's one time when one of the brothers know that sometimes you always want something more."

"It can be as simple as playtime, like when you want to play all day, but your parents come to you to say "It's time for bed" or something else."

"One day, Summer, the boy that can be really active sometimes, want his playtime to be more than his brothers, as he grows older, his parents can't handle him anymore."

"Winter, the one that never talks to anyone was sitting by himself, and that's when Summer asked him to play with him, aggressively"

"He threw one of his fireballs into Winter's back, not knowing that he was really sensitive with heat." "Winter replied with an icy spear to Summer."

"Beginning with a purpose to play together, now comes into an unbearable fight."

"Summer starts to gain heat from everywhere, raising volcanoes and spray it's lava to strike Winter."

"Not holding back, Winter take the water from the sea, creating a giant wave and clashed with Summer's lava."

"These actions disturb Autumn's never ending sleep, and once he woke up with rage, the earth shakes and vibrates, alarming all the living things."

"Mother Earth and Father Sky was trying to stop them, but they were not able to."

"Spring was desperately recover everything, healing all the residence of the earth, until he realized that it won't work with this chaos."

"At the end, Summer gave his final blow, he threw a burning rock from the sky and throw it to Winter."

"Winter evaded it and the rock smash the ground, creating earthquakes and lava sprouts uncontrollably."

"It eventually kills all the dinosaurs, plants, and all the living things in this world, and goes on for a long time."

"All of the members shocked and don't know what to do to solve this problem. It seems that the world is not as peaceful as the beginning."

"Suddenly, Winter ran back to the north pole and start panicking, hiding from his parents and his brothers."

"Until he burst out, screaming, and blizzard covers nearly all of the world, and that's when people called it, the "Ice Age"."

"His parents and brothers came to him, finding him crying in the corner."

"Mother Earth and Father Sky unleashed their anger to them, and finally hoped that things such as these won't happen anymore."

"The family did a group hug, and the brothers finally apologizing."

"From that time, Mother Earth and Father Sky divide each playtime for the four of them, so they won't bother each other anymore."

"And after that, all of the living things, including human come back to the world, knowing that the life has gone better, with the brothers having their own time playing with the world."

"This time, is Winter's playtime, and here we are, have to respect his playtime, after all, without him, you can't do ice skating or snowball fight like you did before."

"What we can do is play with him, and play with his brothers every year." "Now, did you understand my tale, kid?"

I saw him nods, smiles, and then followed by a yawn. We didn't realize that it's night time already. I told him that his playtime's over, and it's time to go to bed. After accompanying him to the bedroom, I started to think what he will say to his father, which also my brother.

Probably he will tell him that his uncle is a good storyteller, or maybe tell him that his uncle talked nonsense to him. But at least, my story can bring him to sleep, well, I guess I have just made a good, or maybe boring bedtime stories, who knows?

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