Fear Me
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Fear Me And Do Not Regret It Until You're Breathless

Fear Me

by darklyloved

Do you ever fear and wonder, that you aren't alone in an empty house?

But let's say you weren't.

Lets say that there's someone there...Or better yet, Something.

It's been here since the dawn of time, studying the human race, and every plant that grown.

It never speaks but it's there. You'll know because, that tickle you feel on your neck,

that makes your hair stand up?

That's it breathing.

That sudden coldness you feel.

It's running past you.

Are we ever alone? There could be someone under the bed as you read this.

Right behind you even.

Fear me.

Run from me.

Until you are breathless,

I shall wait.

All eternity,

in the silence of the so called empty room you hide in,

I am there.

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