words that make me ask why

danzanderjust some 15 year old exploring life
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assortment of words from bands that make me feel

words that make me ask why

by danzander

poetry from hotel books

flatsound and dandelion hands

cause the things that got me focused on hope were her smile

and the beautiful california weather (next slide)

Now that the winter storms have had their way..

...With my sunshine, I feel like i have nothing left. -hotel books, "I Always Thought I'd Be Okay"

we talked about how much it sucked, but no matter what...

...we would remain and in that deafening silence i asked if i could still call you my snowflake and you said okay - flatsound, "you said okay"

always talk down on yourself whenever possible

my life is shit because i deserve it, right? you must've done something really bad, its almost impossible to cry now. - dandelion hands, "how to never stop being sad"

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8 months agoReply
Words have power a power to make you think a power to make you feel ithere good or bad some people are of the opinion I'm slow because I like the think about what I'm going to say before I speak not so nice post keep them coming

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
8 months agoReply
Your choice was really interesting. I would sure like to see your words only. Because I think you have more talent than the people you are quoting. Using songs as a springboard is a good way to start. Great post!!!!

sebieraBooks, talking, frnds and history's life
8 months agoReply
It was nice work..keep on writing...