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a oneshot wherein taehyung buys coffee for jungkook

coffee || taekook

the streets of seoul flourished with the color pink. pink skies, pink lips, pink trees with pink leaves, basically everything was pink.

what stood out amongst the generic pinks was the color of jungkook's cheeks. taehyung focused his gaze on the younger's face. how cute it was when the boy shied away from his hyung's stare.

both of them were sitting on a bench, taking a day off of their lives as music idols. it was only practical for them to take a break.

yet the two still looked at each other as friends, or do they really?

if we were to magnify into the heart of young maknae, jeon jungkook, we can see that it beats faster whenever he's around taehyung.

to his surprise, it beat even faster when taehyung accepted his invitation in this short walk around the city.

a short walk, why aren't they walking. it's not like it took much stamina out of the two boys. maybe they were too tired to function well.

but taehyung looked at the boy in a strange kind of way during this hang-out.

as he leaned in closer to jungkook, he can see that the rose pink shade that decorated his cheeks immediately shifted to a ruby-like shade of red.

it made taehyung laugh, and not long after the younger laughed as well, but not as confidently as his hyung.

"hey! have you heard about the s- cafe that just opened up last week?" the two were focusing on these two young ladies, assuming them to be a little bit younger than them, "let's go there!"

"yah, how come i didn't hear about it?" the other lady flexed her eyebrows, an angry expression appearing on her face as they continued to walk.

taehyung didn't pay any mind to anything else after those last few words. he had all the information he needed to spice things up a bit.

"hyung, don't tell me-"

"yes! we are!" taehyung stood up, leaving the jungkook seated, his head lifted up to look at his hyung.

"but i don't like coffee..." jungkook crossed his arms which made taehyung discouraged. in fact, it made him pout a little, which he then noticed.

it made him feel bad, how excited his hyung was, and then lowkey denying his request.

"fine, we're going. but it's not like i'm going because of you." you want to, he said to himself. jungkook denied every single thing.

he won't be surprised if his fans were watching this exchange and deemed him as a tsundere.

taehyung jumped for joy, both figuratively and literally. as a cartoon character, this would be acceptable, but this happened in real life.

passerbys were looking at the golden-haired boy jumping and jumping, making childish gestures. this made jungkook blush a little more.

"let's just go." jungkook didn't know why he was being cold towards taehyung. it was something yoongi-hyung taught him something about playing hard to get.

he wasn't sure if it was true advice, or if that was just how yoongi-hyung acted every other day.

it didn't take long for them to find s- cafe, considering the number of people crowding the area.

they both ran for the entrance, making sure to enter before the hordes of caffeine addicts get there first.

"that was close," taehyung wipes the sweat off his brow, "wow. this is beautiful." he looked around and saw how this cafe can be compared to coffeehouses around the world.

"yeah." jungkook agreed. he takes in the smell of fresh coffee beans.

his illusion of this place, it felt real. a personification of this smell. "next!" his thought bubble popped as soon as the line was empty. the two of them approached the cashier.

she looked like someone who can count as ulzzang. her face was perfect, but it was neither of their types. jungkook wouldn't be surprised if she already had a boyfriend, not like he would pry.

"what would you two like?" her voice didn't match her face, but it made taehyung smile along with her.

"well, i would just have a macchiato, and jungkook here," jungkook smiled at the cashier as she turned her head to face him, "he would want a caramel frappuccino, is that right kookie?"

the younger nodded.

"aw cute," the cashier mouthed, "um your name sir?" she already heard jungkook's name anyway, she just needed taehyung's, and the older replied with his name.

the crowds dissipated as soon as they left the cafe, cups of coffee in their hands, they walked with small steps.

jungkook sipped his frappe, tasting the sweetness of cream, caramel, and caffeine. taehyung took a sip of his macchiato as well.

"jungkook." taehyung stopped, making jungkook walk a few steps ahead before finally turning around.

"yes, hyung?"

"i have something to tell you." both of their hearts beat fast, as if they were racing to be in sync. what did he want to say, jungkook wondered. euphoria filled him up.

"what is it?"

"i like you."

"like? as a friend, right? well i like you too-"

"no, not in that way.

i meant, ugh, how am i supposed to say this without sounding weird? i like like you, you know?

ever since we first debuted, there was just something about you that made my heart skip a beat, you know? i say you know too much. i'm sorry. and this was stupid, i should just.

here, give me the frappe, i'll see if i can get a refund." but he knew he couldn't.


relax," jungkook walked to taehyung, and it made taehyung calm down a bit when jungkook called him by his real name, "god, i didn't expect for me to do it in this situation, but oh well."

what happened next, it just happened. it almost made taehyung drop his macchiato, spilling his five-thousand won on the ground.

a kiss is a kiss, and sometimes a kiss can make people feel things that normal people don't. taehyung didn't expect anything.

it was a kiss full of reality, apology, and maybe happiness altogether.

"wow." taehyung said.

jungkook didn't say anything, but he can still taste the sweet macchiato that stained his hyung's lips. it was sweet and bitter, mostly on the sweet side.

but taehyung's lips tasted sweeter than his own caramel frappuccino.

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