Reach for the Stars
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cornyron When you hit rock bottom, dig for oil.
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I don't know what happened here. It was supposed to be satire, but then it transformed into something inspirational, but it seems weak on both fronts. Eh, hopefully the next ones come out a bit more concrete. Thanks for spending your time reading!

Reach for the Stars

Shoot for the moon, Even if you miss. You'll land among the stars!

It'll be a boon! Like a first kiss! But hope you'll have the fuel.

You miss the moon, You'll be long gone. The stars are quite far off.

Hope you brought snacks! It's the long haul. It'll be hundreds of years.

Actually, That's now your death, But don't be dissuaded.

Sometimes, that's all. Your life is life. Just don't give up, and soar!

Keep on hoping. Keep on working. You'll nearly reach the stars!

And that's all you'll need...

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