Darkness Overrides
Darkness Overrides dark stories

collectorsofsin For me poetry is the best way of truth
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I don't know where all this came from exactly. To me this was nothing but pouring pure emotion onto paper; etc... Your perception is believable.

Darkness Overrides

When all is dark and quiet

I find myself falling beneath control

I cannot wake or sleep

I fear the hole that is ever so deep

Once again, I am left on autopilot

I walk alone and battle the proverbial hell

Nothing is everything and everything is nothing

The wind blows dizzy and estranged

Balance is completely deranged

Nothing can ever just change

Oh what I would give for the familiar to be anything but strange

Drifting further and further away

I fear the darkness is here to stay

Not coming up for the desired breath; that all is okay

I will continue to fall and weaken

With no hope or light to feel a little less astray

There is the forever affright of the never ending beacon gleaming utter and a complete grim life perpetually spiraling towards the never-ending vile pit of wickedness

Consuming my whole self at the bite of night

Nowhere to hide; Nowhere to go

I slip into destroying my inner core; as though I just won the lottery

Why do I feel such discovery

Not once do I stop and have any contrite

This is it; forever do I give in and disappear

To eternally be forgotten and lost

There is no persevere towards the favorable

I am really no longer desirable

I finally succumb to unadulterated sin

This is my time to exit forevermore do I say fuck it

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