fell in love online (Part 4)
fell in love online (Part 4) jungkook stories

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Jungkook finally sees Taehyung after middle school and he thinks that the person he is texting is Taehyung. Idk? Find out what happeneds tho.

fell in love online (Part 4)

Jungkook:" Who are them...?

Jin sighs Jin:" why do you not nevermind do you not talk to people other than me and jimin?"

Jungkook:" ..... " unsmiled as jin as Jin said that. Me: His eyes omg!!!💜💜💜 my heartue!! <3 love you kookie <3

Hoseok:" ah! Don't worry about that who cares if you only know 2 people! I am hoseok but you can call me hobi! It is nice to meet you and you are..?!" Me: sorry hope Stans

Jungkook:" ..j-jungkook.."

Hoseok:" Well This is Yoongi and namjoon. And let's not forget Taehyung!"

Jungkook:" ..H-Hi...I am g-going back to my r-room...I-I don't feel hungry.." ( because of tae right kookie?)

Jin:" Jungkook.." Me: World wide handsome<3

Jin:" I will go talk to him. Namjoon don't even think about getting up. And the rest of you have fun and eat please"

Taehyung:" Okay mOm" unsmiling thinking of jungkook

Jin:" I swear to god urgh"

Jin Walks upstairs and goes to Jungkook room. And knocks on the door.

Jungkook:" W-who is it?" Stop stuttering! What is wrong with me?! Me: I love this outfit..😊

Jin:" Jungkook I didn't mean to make you upset.."

Jungkook:" I'm not upset"

Jungkook:" I just don't like most people...I am shy...I don't ...I don't know.."

Jin:" it's fine..I will leave your food in the oven if you are hungry later. Me and my friends will leave and go to the fair since it's the last day today do you want to come?"

Jungkook:" No"

Jin sighs - Jin:" Okay just call me if anything happens okay?"

Jungkook:" okay..H-Hyung.."

I grap my phone from my pocket and started to text that random phone number. It just idk I wanted to know who it was..

Unknown kid: Hi! I wanted to know who you are!

An 60 year old man: me? But haven't you learn stranger danger?

Unknown kid: um yeah but I don't really go outside much anyway.. and I am careful on most stuff I just give out my name and that's it really.

An 60 year old man: oookay? Um I am...Taebear"

Unknown kid: real name?

An 60 year old man: No idiot you?

Unknown kid: kookie. Just call me kookie!

An 60 year old man: what happened to ' I just say my name and that's it really'

Unknown kid: idk um bye taebear.

An 60 year old man: bye kookie.

What just happened? Did I just talk to an 18 year old? Why does it almost sound like Taehyung? Idk..It might be the same person..

? Argh! No it can't be! Taehyung is a loser and a jerk! After what he did to me in middle school there is no way I will like him! How can jin be friends with a big jerk?!

Should I tell you want went down in middle school? TBC part 5 will also be the last episode so it's going to be long as crap I hope.

Also Taehyung and jungkook have a dark past together ( Not dirty😒 maybe dirty😏)

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