The Creature
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bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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The Creature

by bryanthomas

The creature was hideous, bloated, almost reptilian. It lumbered inelegantly, but purposefully towards its goal.

The arms flailed, the legs crooked, almost buckling. Its leathery, ill-fitting skin was ashen and heavily wrinkled.

The eyes bulged, they were crazed, maniacal, moving independently of one another - like a chameleon on methamphetamine.

Its nostrils resembled hair-lined entrances to a pair of vast, subterranean caves.

The mouth gaped, the tongue marinating in saliva, as the creature's sulphourous breath overpowered everything in its path.

"Go on, luv, give us a kiss," the creature demanded. Eight-year-old Josh hated it when his nan came to visit.

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