So You Want to Be a Writer?
So You Want to Be a Writer? stories

bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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So You Want to Be a Writer?

by bryanthomas

"So, Mr Johnson, you're interested in our creative writing class?" "Yep."

"We prefer our students to have some previous experience as this class is particularly popular." Silence.

"Mr Johnson?" "Yep?" "Do you have any previous writing experience?" "Erm..."

"Anything at all, a diary... perhaps?" "Nope." "Poems?" "Nah."

"Flash fiction?" "Never heard of it." "Drabbles?" "Whattles?" "Something, anything?"

"How about a shopping list for my groceries?" "Hmm, not quite what I had in mind." "Ah!" "Yes?" "Nah." "Oh."

"I fill my tax return in every year." "Excellent! You're already an accomplished fiction writer. See you Tuesday evening at 7:30, Room 3."

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