Emily's Awakening (Beware of Girly Girls!)
Emily's Awakening (Beware of Girly Girls!) stories

bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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Emily's Awakening (Beware of Girly Girls!)

by bryanthomas

Eleven-year-old Emily is a girly girl. Pink, of course, is her favourite colour.

Everything in her bedroom is pink, or varying shades of pink, apart from Teddy, her toy bear.

Teddy has been with Emily through thick and thin. He's her confidant, he knows all her secrets.

Every Thursday evening, Emily sits cross-legged on her bed, Teddy facing her, as she unburdens her woes onto his furry shoulders.

"I saw my first slasher movie last night, Teddy," Emily said.

She grasped him firmly by his left arm and produced a kitchen knife with an eight-inch blade...

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