Closer than Close
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bryanthomasIn my spare time I juggle fog.
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Closer than Close

by bryanthomas

"Jim, do you use disposable razors?" said Harry. "I do. Can't stand electric razors, they bring me out in a rash."

"I've got the latest forty-five blade disposable, closest shave I've ever had." "Forty-five blades! Mine's a twenty blade razor."

"Only twenty blades? Your chin must rougher than a badger's arse." "It's not that bad," said Jim.

Harry began to flick through his newspaper. "Nooo!" he said. "What's wrong?" said Jim.

"A rival manufacturer's advertising a fifty blade disposable - I've got to have one!"

"I presume your wife likes a smooth chin?" "She's not fussed, but yours does."

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