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I wrote this at 14 for a school English assignment. I got a 74%.



A drop of water hit my forehead.

I opened my eyes, and noticed the accumulation of condensation on the metal ceiling.

The expanse of rusted material, housing various pipes and loosened wires from the ties to the roofing beams offer a playground for the consistent ebb of water through a crack in a pipe.

Water creeped along each of these diversities; winding down threateningly.

That is, however, until the drop lands upon my forehead. Perpetually. Without fail, nor a delay in time.

I thrashed forward and backwards on the surface on which I lay. I struggled to move, but yet I was bound by no restrictions. No ties encircled my wrists, nor did ropes bind my chest.

I moved my eyes downwards, towards my feet. The door was open.

I strained, begging the slightest movement from my legs. My focus was absolute.

Another drop of water hit my forehead.

I blink the water away from my eyes, but the pressure from that one drop remains indented on my face.

From this simple repetition is born an undying sensation, a need, to break free of my paralysis.

Drop after drop after drop.

The repetition is now painful; the utter lack of any other sensical stimulation is the greatest torture, and one that I could not and would not bear.

“Help!”, I screamed.

I lost control of my rational thought, as I convulsed and wailed for an end to the repetition.

After time, I finally began to move, as a cascade of freedom slowly moved across my body. I rose up, glancing at the pit of my insanity; the pipe.

And still the drops of water fell, without regard to my absence.

Drop after drop after drop.

I turned and walked out of the open door, and found myself in an empty concrete hallway. Rusted and cracked pipes in the ceiling offered the floor its own insanity, as they dropped relentlessly.

I gritted my teeth.

The end of the hallway drew near, and I opened another door. I was outside, and free at last.

I ran through the open grass that lay before me, ignorant to all else except the new and selfish feeling of freedom.

My eyes drifted towards the sky;

A drop of water hit my forehead.

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