A Rushed Invitation
A Rushed Invitation comedy stories

bluemistane Blue like the sea, and just as hopeless
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The star is coming, but do we have everything ready for her? No? Better get that done soon, she will be here momentarily.

A Rushed Invitation

"Where is she?"

John was floundering through the papers on his desk looking for the key to the guest room.

The phone on the desk spoke out, "Not here yet, somewhere on the road."

Great, thought John, a little bit more time to get it all ready. The phone fell and cracked on the floor.

John didn't even pay attention to that, much less the fact that the floor was covered with papers and garbage.

"John? John, Where did you go?"

John realized the phone was gone from the desk and found it on the floor beside an empty Coke bottle. He picked up the phone and found the key right under the desk. "Yeah, yeah, Eric.

Call me back as soon as you get any more data." He had trouble hanging up the phone through the cracked screen but managed after a few tries.

John kicked the papers and junk to the sides of the room before heading out into the hallway.

The room with the star, the room with the star, he looked for it anxiously. He came to a stop before a door with a star, it was pealing off but it would do.

The lock was stuck, but nothing a good strong twist and push wouldn't handle. John smashed his body against the door. No, the door is tougher than it looks.

This time he pulled the door with all his might and managed to twist the lock open.

The door screeched open revealing a room filled with cobwebs and dust covering everything from the ceiling fan to the coffee table. Before long John came back with a vacuum.

Instead of doing what a vacuum does best John decided he would just blow the dust away with the vacuum and suck it up from the floor and air, it would make it quicker.

He plugged in the vacuum, flipped the switch and before long the room was a hurricane of dust and cobwebs.

John was lost in the dust, unable to open his eyes, stumbling to find a way out. He hit the coffee table and fell into couch ripping through the cushions.

The more he struggled to get out the more he fell between the cushions and was stabbed by the springs converging on his lover half.

He swung his arms wildly only to have a lamp smash into his face and send him into darkness.

John awoke to people standing at the entrance of the room looking at him in disgust and shock. The coffee table was flipped over the room was covered in dust and trash.

John's lap had a smashed lamp resting on it.

A tall woman stood in the middle of everyone else, she was giving John the most resentful look a woman can give. "Is this some way to house a star performing for your office?" she asked.

John fumbled, still stuck in the couch, "Miss Fox, This is all a misunderstanding, just give us a little time and we will get this all sorted..."

Miss Fox let out a big laugh, "Do you really think I will still stay here after what I've seen? We looked in your office first and there was no sign of you but plenty of trash lying around.

It seems you like having trash around, unfortunately I am not in the category. Farewell!"

John stared the the heels that made their way out of their way out of the room and listened to them all the way down the hallway, paralyzed.

He smashed his head against the back of the couch only to get his bottom stabbed by springs.

A loud scream was heard outside as Miss Fox excited the building.

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