Unrequited love in pairs
Unrequited love in pairs she stories

blastimus but they since rose, and won the day.
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Failure expected.

Unrequited love in pairs

The night was made to say the things you can't whisper during the day.

Promises of eternal love and happines, cries of unrequited love.

Standing silent on a shady sidewalk, she anxiously awaits a question, even if she already knows what it is, and already knows the most likely way she'd answer.

He wants to stall, to delay the inevitable, but it had to be said.

"Look I... really developed these... feelings? I guess that's what they are... these really strong feelings for... well for you, so um..."

He stops, unable to keep speaking, it hurts to say the last part out loud.

His gaze fell down towards the ground, just as hers, but their eyes avoided eachother.

He was finally ready to say everything he was holding back...

But a lone tear fell on the ground before him.

"I'm sorry!" she yelled

"I know how much this took on you and how you feel, but I just can't say yes! And I know you expected this! It's just that... I can't... I already like... someone... else...

and I have the expectations like you..."

Silence fell, unbroken.

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