Forgotten Sounds
Forgotten Sounds depression stories

blackfoxcomplex 24year old Poet, Artist, Photographer
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My struggle to escape my anxiety and depression

Forgotten Sounds

Darkness doesn't show its face when its tired

Grey fades into silence when there's nobody around

Letters of pain stay scattered around the blanket of quiet

I'm wrapped in space that only rotates, but I don't get to see the sun

Eyes stray away from whatever life was having me listen to

Take my evening medication, something I can get up for

But I liked it better sitting on the floor, no worries down here

I don't mind things that are kind to me, I know they're always there

The words that come so easily, but I must admit, are hard for me

Separating voices from the pictures in my mind, I fall like satin off a kitchen counter

Images of myself merge into colors I don't paint with

I see, something I don't like to be

But I am better off staying here

It's better, I've learned, to live it as it is instead of fighting the urge to dry away the never ending sadness that holds me captive

Sometimes I'd like to leave, say my good byes to this awful party for one

Cause I'm barely hanging like the ripped streamers on the walls

Half way here, like the party favors under the table, it's okay

I'm just waiting for the next day of clumsy recovery

Celebrations outside my glass stained window promise what I could be right now

The light won't come through from the inside

Cause I'm too deep inside

It's clouds that form like my body, into a mass

Unidentifiable under the covers

They never cover enough of me for me to feel invincible against this isolation

But I try, sometimes just to walk out, but you know how invitations go

It'd be rude of me to just leave without shaking hands with all my guests, but I'd rather not touch the ones who brought me down here

Would you mind if I leave?

Would you mind if I took my own breath, instead of yours being with me?

I've got my heart pulling at the door

My body pulls me with the other bodies who are enjoying themselves too much on my need to escape

Is there anyone who makes sense, is there anyone here who has survived and stolen a key

Cause I'd like to run, but my feet are bound to the coldness of my fingers reaching into the air that doesn't exist

Cause it's hard to breathe

And I know, I'm not here every day, but I'm sick of being present in a game show

Only won by the least amount of days this month I fell into this pit of pity

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