You heard that too..?

           You heard that too..? funny stories

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You hear your mom calling you from down the stairs, but it wasn't her..

You heard that too..?

I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of my mom screaming my name

"Alina!" she yells as loud as she can.

"What, mom?" I groaned back.

"Alina...?!" She shouted.

"WHAT, MOM?" I yelled back even louder.

"Alina, come down here! I need some help in the kitchen!" she responds

"Fine, coming, mom! Let me just stretch. Jeez... its 3 am and you're still awake?" I call out to her before cracking my back, getting out of my bed, and putting on my slippers.

I stepped out of my bedroom, and went on my way through the hallway.

I found the stairs, and placed my hand onto the railing, until someone grabbed my shoulder, and took me into a bedroom.

I closed my eyes, and opened them again, unsure of what just happened.

I look over, and notice a familiar figure.

"Mom.. weren't you calling me from downstairs..?" I asked.

"You heard that too...? That wasn't me..." she responded.

I get confused, and start laughing. She was probably just trying to trick me then.

"I'm not kidding." she said with a serious face on.

She grabbed me by my hand, and rushed me towards the closet. She pushed me in, and ran over to the bedroom door to lock it before getting in the closet herself.

"Alina... Oh, sweet Alina? Where are you? You should've listened the first time and come downstairs... " the person said.

"Now I have to come find you myself." The person continued, this time with a deep, emotionless voice.

Footsteps creaked along the wooden stairs, each step getting closer to where we were.

"I know you're here... You should come out to make this situation better." the person said, this time at the top of the stairs turning every door knob.

My mom took out her phone from her pocket, and quickly dialed 911.

*Tk TkTk*

They were at our door.

"The police should arrive soon, lets hope he doesn't make it in this room..." my mom whispered to me, tears streaming down her face.

"I wish it didn't have to end like this..." the person quietly said in an eerie voice.

"Oh well...." they said again, this time as they tried to unlock the door.


Heavy footsteps paced across the room, checking through curtains, under the bed, and under piles of clothes.

It stopped at the closet.

The sound of heavy breathing bouncing along the walls of the room.

It slided the closet door open, and laid its eyes on us. Its face was covered with a pig mask, and it's body covered with clothes and a bloody white apron. It held a giant, rusty metal axe.

"Peek-A-Boo... I found you.."

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