Resembling life
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bernardtwindwil Granddad & story teller,
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I was alarmed by the stressed comments on "to be alive"

Resembling life

by bernardtwindwil

Where along the way does life get real?

I thought it was real when I learned to tie my shoes. I was wrong there was more to come I realized there was so much from which to choose I am constantly trying to become

There are infinite paths to becoming

Is there a right or wrong path to travel is there a right or wrong way to travel it some are paved and some are gravel is becoming learning how to unravel it

I don't think I can take the pressure of becoming

I constantly feel either pull or push I need a rest I need to take a breath Becoming is just an ambush life is a fate worse that death

When does it get easy

Why can't it be easy like 4th grade Just fun let someone else worry No pressure no decisions made I'll grow up eventually what's the hurry

I want all the stress go away

I don't want to become mature Can't adulthood just go away At least not rush me to the future I haven't given up my play

So what if I am dysfunctional

Who do I have to impress My God just get off my back I would rather die than face stress I want to cry I'm under attack

I'll grow up later after I'm an adult

Why should I worry about rent Utilities and internet should be free I'll ask my folks to buy me a tent I am sure all my peers would agree

All my friends feel the same way.

We all feel the stress We all feel the pain No one feels it less What is there to gain

Wait STOP!!!! Take a deep breath, focus

Billions of people have gone your way They all felt what you all feel We all made it through to a brighter day But life is hard there is no appeal Your only worry is your next meal

I have been there I understand

Allow me to give you sagacious relief Who you are now is not who you'll become The heat and the pressure that's giving you grief Will make you a diamond

Take words of advice from an old man's odyssey

I don't mean to belittle what you're feeling now Because of this crisis, you're getting stronger I am just saying you'll get by somehow Just hang on tight it won't be much longer

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