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badwriter 24 | Cat Lady
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fresh crunchy yummmyyyyyyyy

and i am sorry. seriously.
not for the faint of heart

Fresh food

Fresh out of the oven is what I like Crispy crunchy roasted bliss Spicy yummy my favorite stuff On my lips like a hot french kiss

Sauces gravy and seasoning too Of pepper salt and cinnamon And garnished with some mint leaves So it feels professionally done

Eat it with my hands all bare And lick my fingers afterwards Fill myself with the delicacy exquisite Feed the remaining bones to the birds

But the preparation is a thoughtful process So as not to ruin the ingredient hard to get I got mine after a month's hard work To have this table in front of me set

The young ones are better and tender too Less time to cook and rich in taste The elders hard to catch and cook Cannot be prepared in haste

The youngs also get in the oven pretty good Only have to cut into pieces few The older ones need to be sawed in numerous parts And thus are better for making stew

The season also matters in this place to catch the treat More come to visit in the warm summer For the forest is a good camping sight In winters though its more of a bummer

So I hunt for the little ones that come along Both in age and body size Easier to lure and capture alone Quicker to cook to their surprise

Into the backyard to be washed and cut Seasoned and marinated for an hour Cooked at a low and subtle heat Fresh eaten out of oven with a gravy sour

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