Stardust: Chapter 5 (Part 1/2)
Stardust: Chapter 5 (Part 1/2) romance stories

asuryuura "Let your fingers dance themselves."
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'It's like déjà vu all over again; yet, you don't get the same moment twice a life.'

'Mesarthim is a double star, and Hamal is the brightest star of this constellation. Just like the soul-seeking game in this world. One will eventually meet the other half of the soul.'

It starts with a dream- a dream that she couldn't remember clearly. It begins with precognition- precognition that he could see vaguely. Where would the destiny lead to Kazuki and Asu?

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Stardust: Chapter 5 (Part 1/2)

Flashback: 'Tomorrow, 9 PM, Seigatsu Academy front gate.' A text message that set the meet-up by Kazuki, and also a command from Kazuki that Asu obeyed unwillingly. Despite the ups and downs in the conversation, an unseen burning flame began to flicker somewhere deep in their heart.

'It takes a second for the heart to flutter uncontrollably. It takes a fifth of a second to fall in love. The moment when my heart skipped a beat is the second when I fall in love with you.'

When the energetic sun went down, the moon climbed its way up to take the place of the once-scorching sun.

The vivid hues faded, leaving only the dark canvas that embellished with gemstones of diamond white, ruby red, citrine yellow, and sapphire blue.

Sitting at the back of the rocking bus, Asu rested her cheek on her lightly clenched fist and glued her eyes on the marching views out of the clear windows.

The clacking sound of rows of swinging hangers and the roadway noise entered into her ears; yet, her mind was absent to somewhere far from where she is.

"Next station, the front of Seigatsu Academy. The front of Seigatsu Academy. Please do not forget your belongings. Thanks for riding with us." a pleasant voice spoke from the broadcaster, pulling back Asu from her deep thought.

She reached her hand to the red button equipped on the pole, pressing it to play a buzzing sound promptly.

She got up from her seat and moved forward to the panel doors before hopping off as the bus stopped.

An empty street with only rows of trees stood along proudly. A sense of tranquillity blended with the eeriness of lifeless street showered her.

She took a glance onto the signboard, which an unfamiliar logo featuring the alphabet of S in the monochrome circle printed next to the words of Seigatsu Gakuen.

The eeriness shrouded and raced her heart as her creative mind started to create disturbing scenes in her mind.

Without staying for another second, she took wide steps to the instructed direction. She quickened her pace on each step she took as her heart pounded.

It doesn't take long before the grand building in white captured her attention. She rushed herself to the front gate that hasn't been locked completely.

The rattling footsteps and silvery chimes caught Kazuki's attention, who has been leaning against the white pillar a few moments ago.

His emerald eyes searched for the familiar figure that he has been waiting for. He was almost certain of her arrival as the stepping sound hurried.

The next second, his eyes caught the approaching shadow that turned clearer second by second. A girl in a beige cape coat, a familiar appearance to the man.

Unknowingly, his lips widened in slight extend for no reason. He studied her actions of her standing by another pillar and beginning to tap on the brightened screen.

Softening his footsteps as he walked towards the panicking girl, he sneaked to her back silently before outreaching his hand to rest on top of the brunette's head.

"Yo!" he greeted casually; yet sufficient to startle Asu.

A brief yelp escaped from her lips as she inhaled slightly and jolted shockingly as if being attacked by her imaginative creature.

Silky hair brushed against his broad palm as she turned around and leaned back slightly in reflex.

The familiar smirk entered into her vision, relieving her nervousness, at the same time, knitting her brows lightly.

"You startled me, baka!" she complained- and her complaint only brought a soft chuckle from Kazuki.

"I see..." Kazuki uttered amusingly before adding his teases, "So, you're afraid of ghosts, huh. Omoshiroi."

As if her deepest secret revealed by the last person she wished it could be, she remained silent- no agreement, no disagreement; just simply an ignorance.

Not intending to continue the eternal verbal war that they used to have, the man retrieved his hand from her head and shifted to the paper bag on her hand.

The light movement grabbed her attention. She looked down to where the gentle movement before loosening her grip unconsciously and naturally.

Kazuki turned around. She gazed at the distancing back of the man in greyish long sleeve shirt and pressed her hand on top of her head, where his palm rested on back then.

Perhaps, contrast brings better comparison; as the warmth replaced by the coldness of the breeze, only the careless girl realised his action a moment ago.

'Nanda? I'm a kid in his eyes now?' she ranted; yet, the warmth spread across her feelings as if the ink feathering on the paper.

"Be quick. I'm leaving you behind if you keep standing still there." he said softly, bringing her back to the reality from her thoughts.

"Chotto..." she replied promptly as she rushed to the teasing man.

Walking into the lifeless lobby, Kazuki led the girl climbing up to the staircases and strolling along the empty hallway.

With the absence of the moon, the hallway seemed darker than it should be.

As if the world has gone mute, the clacking sound from their shoes echoed louder than it should be.

She was overwhelmed with the atmosphere that encompassed the dormitory. Her creative mind started to work again as her heart began to thump harder.

Unintentionally, she quickened her pace and got closer to Kazuki while darting her eyes around, trying to catch any uncanny shadow but avoiding from catching sight of them.

Noticing the change of her pace, Kazuki sneaked a peek at her over his shoulder.

'Heh... I thought she's fearless.' he commented before his inner voice responded, 'Maa... She's a girl after all.' Loud laughter buried behind his broadening lips.

As much as he held back the urge to frighten her, his pace slowed down, coordinating with hers.

Kazuki stopped after reaching the highest level, right in front of a door with his name labelled. Outreaching his hand to the knob, he turned it and swung the door opened.

The warm light shone out to the corridor, capturing the attention of Asu.

'Shi... ra... nui... ... Kazu... ki? Ah, that's how his name written, huh. His name is just so 'him'.' her inner voice read- and unknowingly, her brain carved those words at a corner of the library in her brain without her permission.

She, then, popped her head out behind the tall figure to take a glimpse of the room that equipped with basic furniture in white- simple, clean, and neat.

She was expecting for his room to be messier- not to mention, she wasn't expecting to visit his room; and so, she stood still at the hallway.

"Make yourself home." he spoke briefly as he placed the paper bag at the balcony located at the end of the room. Her body was noticed at the corner of his eyes.

"Are you planning to stand there forever?" he questioned as he stopped his movement and looked at her.

"Is that okay?" she questioned her concern without explanation, raising his brow in puzzled.

"Huh? For allowing you into the boys' dorm or bringing you to my room?" he responded to the question with another question.

With his question, she came to realise that she was standing in the boys' dormitory. She was at a loss of words.

'How could he...?! What if someone finds it out?!' her inner voice spoke secretly in her mind- and instantly, a series of possibilities ran across her mind- from being kicked out to created misunderstanding.

If to describe the girl metaphorically, he would describe her as an open book.

Her thoughts were all written on her stiffened expression, triggering the teasing nature of the playful man.

"What kind of indecent things are you thinking?" he asked with a broad smirk on his face as he crossed his arms.

As if caught her in red-handed, the keyword of 'indecent' in his question covered her expression with embarrassment.

"Th-There's no such thing! I'm just trying to respect the rules here." she protested firmly with trembling voice.

Rules, a noun with two definitions for the president- set by others and meant to be broken, and decided by him and meant to be changed.

It recalled the memory of his given speech and declaration on the first day he took the role of President in the Student Council.

"I, Shiranui Kazuki, am the President of Seigatsu Academy's Student Council. In other words, I'm the ruler here. A crow is white if I call it white. I'll rule this academy!"

his silvery voice replayed along with the scene of him standing on the stage before he snapped back to reality.

"I'm the rules here. If I allowed you to enter, no one would speak a word about it." he declared haughtily.

'Just how prideful he is.' she commented secretly. For the first time, she was feeling lucky to have a 'common' president in her academy.

Averting her eyes from the arrogant man while holding back her comments that would lead to another verbal fight in between them, Asu stepped into the room while closing the door.

"Shitsure..." she greeted softly before taking a seat on the chair next to the messy desk.

Her gazes shifted to the busy man who returned to set the telescope, right next to the similar telescope that has been stood proudly at the balcony.

Silently, she studied each of his movements- from placing his eyes on the eyepiece to the tender and careful movement of his slender fingers on the ring.

Her eyes met with his as soon as he parted off himself from the eyepiece and turned to her. Unconsciously, she looked away in reflex.

'Abunai... If he knows that I'm staring at him, he might be thinking that I'm checking him out. He's self-centred, after all...' her inner voice spoke with hints of nervousness.

'Ugh... Please don't tell me that she doesn't even know how to install this thing.' On the other side, the student of astrology assumed as soon as he caught her averting eyes.

"Wait for the clouds to part, and you can see how clear it is." he stated with hints of commands as he returned to the bedroom.

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