Stardust: Chapter 4 (Part 2/2)
Stardust: Chapter 4 (Part 2/2) romance stories

asuryuura "Let your fingers dance themselves."
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'It's like déjà vu all over again; yet, you don't get the same moment twice a life.'

'Mesarthim is a double star, and Hamal is the brightest star of this constellation. Just like the soul-seeking game in this world. One will eventually meet the other half of the soul.'

It starts with a dream- a dream that she couldn't remember clearly. It begins with precognition- precognition that he could see vaguely. Where would the destiny lead to Kazuki and Asu?

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Stardust: Chapter 4 (Part 2/2)

His thumb tapped swiftly as if they were on the match. 'tte, how did you set it?' he sent.

As if her words were strangled, she stopped her movement and read the message. "Finally, he's back to the main topic." she commented verbally and erased each alphabet of her composed text.

'As per the user's manual instructed.' she retyped and sent.

"Heh... Isn't the guide is more than enough for her, she said it." he spoke and transformed his spoken tease into text.

'And...? Someone said so confidently that she could set it up, all by herself, with the guide.' his smirk widened as he looked forward to her response.

The recap of her declaration days ago has turned into a painful slap on her own face. "Hai, hai! I said it. So, what's now?!" she said with hints of irritation.

However, the reply wasn't any near to the spoken words. 'Da-ka-ra, the telescope is broken!' she replied.

His eyelids narrowed as soon as his inner voice read the statement stated in the text message. A droplet of sweat dripped on his head.

"She's somehow troublesome na..." he commented as he tapped his response. 'Ano saa, are you a baka? Maa... Say 'please', and I'll help.'

"What?! No! What did I do to make me a baka? Is that what you want? A 'please'?" she yelled her complaints loudly to the cellphone, despite the fact that she would never ask such a question that could give him an opportunity to tease her further.

'Nande?! It's your responsibility to fix it, deshou? Compensation, compensation.' she emphasised.

People say when it comes to an important remark, it has to repeat thrice- and she reminded him about his mistake through the word of 'compensation', which raised a brow of his.

'It's my responsibility to compensate you. And I did.' he remarked in his reply as she did.

Being an Arian, patience was never something that can be found in Asu's dictionary. Being an Arian as well, impatient is the label of Kazuki.

The pool of her persistence has drained off through each received and delivered text message- and she gave up.

'The only stupid decision I made is to text you.' she typed her frustration out with her brows knitted deeply. 'Sorry for my interruption.' she added without waiting for his response. 'Bye.' she sent, indicating a full-stop of the conversation.

On the other side, the arrogant president called it a 2-0 on their battle, which cast a chuckle from his lips.

Without bothering the farewell bid on the other side of the phone, he replied, 'Tomorrow, 9 PM, Seigatsu Academy front gate.'

Though she put the conversation to an end, however, she couldn't explain the reason of why she gazed at the chat interface without a blink of an eye.

Seeing the animated word of 'Typing' from his side triggered her curiosity was one of the reasons.

Unexpected. The arrogant man is full of unexpected acts. The unpredictable moves from the arrogant president never fail to surprise her since day one.

'What?!' she typed with both thumbs and hit the 'Send' button swiftly.

Without giving a glance at her reply, his thumb hit onto an alphabet to another, forming a sentence on the once-blanked space.

'Don't be late.' he pushed another bubble up onto the interface that is now filling up with wordings.

"I haven't promised anything or even say yes!" she complained while typing swiftly as if trying to chase after his replying pace.

'Why should I go there?' she questioned though she doubted he would kindheartedly give her the answer.

Out of sudden, a concern stirred in the brain of the worrywart. "No... Don't tell me she really broke it..." he murmured his thought- a thought caused him to frown.

'Bring the telescope. Don't break it, baka.' he remarked- just in case.

Two persons speaking of two different matters in one conversation; the frustration in the girl was about to explode in any time soon. She sat up and hanged her head down while typing faster.

'Stop making decision and ignore my questions. Can you even listen to what I said?' she responded.

As if the president knows perfectly in how to handle a ticking bomb, he read her replies casually before laughing out softly.

"Baka da na..." he said as he typed his tease, 'Are you speaking or typing? Baka.'

Noticing the tricky question appeared on the screen, her eyes seek for the previous message and checked it once again.

"Ugh... You know what I mean by speaking!" she ranted with hints of defeats.

'>.> Just answer my questions already!' she added an emoticon, hopefully, it showcases her frustration better.

For the first time after the long conversation, he can't deny that the way of her presentation spiced up the conversation.

"How old is she now? A brat?" he questioned in the way that she would never hear.

'Omae, honto ni baka ka?' he replied with a wide grin plastered on his face.

Outreaching her hand to grab a firm hold of the piglet plushie, she smacked the plushie against the mattress repeatedly, as if such an act could chase away her agitation.

"Is asking you to answer my question equals to baka now?! Or I am equal to baka?!" she ranted and raved while replying nothing but another emoticon, '(/‵Д′)/︵ ┻━┻‘

As soon as the emoticon appeared in the floating bubble, he burst out loud laughter amusingly. "Chotto kawaii na..." he commented unconsciously.

Perhaps, a comment that would surprise himself if he realises what escaped from his mouth.

'Text me when you're here. ' he replied before staring at the delivered message.

With her feelings or questions being ignored once again, anger stirred silently within the helpless and defeated feeling in her.

'As if I will.' she replied and stared at the screen- until the read receipt shown in the interface.

The screen locked and dimmed. Kazuki casually placed his cellphone next to the pillow before resting his head on his forearm.

As if a revolving lantern with memories living in, he stared at the plain ceiling, witnessing a scene after a scene played in his mind- from the worst meet-up to the unplanned blind date.

The time slipped away in the silence that filled the simple-designed room as he admired the flashback that he shared with the stubborn girl.

A frown appeared in between his brows as soon as he realised the images showcased in his mind.

"Kuso... What am I thinking? I must be really sleepy to think about her!" he murmured before closing his eyes, trying to shut those flashbacks down.

Her face with different expressions turned clearer without having the intention to leave. The more he tried to stop his mind from overworking, the harder his brain works- until he lost his consciousness.

At another end of the city, Asu tossed her cellphone onto the bed effortlessly before hopping off from the bed.

Taking a wide step to the wardrobe, she opened it and scanned the fashion items from one to another. She outreached her hand to unhook a few hangers and brought it to the mirror.

"This is definitely too cute, but this is looking too formal as well." she uttered the comment to herself.

Placing an outfit after another on herself, she checked her reflection carefully- not until she realised the actions she performed unconsciously.

"tte, what am I doing?! It's not like I'm going for a date!" she frowned deeply as she returned the clothes into the wardrobe.

However, leaving an outfit hanging on the stainless steel handle of a door.

"Mou... Sleep, sleep, sleep! There are tons of things to do tomorrow!" she said as if convincing her mind to stop considering, thinking, and worrying further.

The crowds of glittering stars hanging on the moonless sky- some are bright and others are dimmed, resembling the sparkles that flickered in their hearts unknowingly.

As if memories summoned by the trickster, the precognition of him and the dream she had once approached in their hibernated brain, replaying the vague scene all over again.

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