Stardust: Chapter 3 (Part 1/2)
Stardust: Chapter 3 (Part 1/2) romance stories

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'It's like déjà vu all over again; yet, you don't get the same moment twice a life.'

'Mesarthim is a double star, and Hamal is the brightest star of this constellation. Just like the soul-seeking game in this world. One will eventually meet the other half of the soul.'

It starts with a dream- a dream that she couldn't remember clearly. It begins with precognition- precognition that he could see vaguely. Where would the destiny lead to Kazuki and Asu?

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Stardust: Chapter 3 (Part 1/2)

Flashback: "Why are you here?!" the question that escaped from two different lips at the same time. Despite the puzzled expression from the others, Kazuki and Asu's brows knitted deeply, shrouding the lively ambience with peace before the storm.

'What is meant to be will always find its way. There's no way to prevent or to escape.'

Destiny is a prankster who tricks the fools with a magic spell under the name of 'fate'. Fate is a trickster's weapon that tempts the complicated mind to attempt solving the secrets within.

People believe that we don't meet people by accident.

They are meant to cross path with us for a reason- be it for a good ending or a great lesson; and no one knows what would it be- not until the end of the game.

The sudden changes of Kazuki and Asu puzzled everyone in the room- except for two with a stern expression on their face.

"Kazuki, your friend?" the man with long, braided bright red hair questioned with a smirk on his face while nudging Kazuki's arm with his elbow.

Two different voices overlapped in response; yet, speaking of two different statements.

"Just happened to meet her somewhere else." Kazuki replied with a low voice while Asu responded loudly, "Not at all!"

The uncoordinated speakings cast a cloud of doubts and hesitation on the others' face. Unconvinced, they were.

Awkwardness and embarrassment were embracing with the air in the room. Without needing to witness the others' expression, what's beneath their mind was clear to be seen.

"Mendokuse na..." Kazuki uttered as he averted his eyes to the side while reaching his hand to brush his hair on the back.

A distressing silence spread throughout the room. Numbers of questions and conjectures in each of their minds was as if a spoken statement.

No question asked, no noise made- not until Mai took the first move to break the awkwardness and the silence.

"A-Asu, don't keep standing there. Let's take a seat, ne?" Mai suggested while suppressing the uneasiness in her smile.

The familiar voice danced into Asu's ears, bringing her eyes to meet with the others. Pinkish clouds appeared on her face as she noticed the eyes were all over Kazuki and herself.

Blaming Kazuki as well as herself for losing her cool, a soft sigh let out from her lips.

She stepped into the room and took the only vacant seat- next to her best friend and opposite the man that started such chaos with her.

'Why should I sit in front of him...? This is the worst day ever!' she complained in her mind.

Placing the paper bag next to herself, Mai handed a glass of flavoured coffee to the brunette. "Thank you." she uttered as she took it over, trying to force a smile on her face.

Only if she could find the best excuse to leave this place immediately; yet, she couldn't.

"Asu-chan, I heard it from Mai-chan, that you just joined the model agency, darou?" Oushirou, is the name of the man with braided red hair, asked smilingly while bringing the camera on his hand to his eye level.

"Dou? Want to be my model?" he added spontaneously- and instantly stopped by the tealnette sitting next to him.

"Stop that, Oushirou! Please behave yourself and stop adding -chan to address the girls." Homare, the tealnette, spoke sternly, leading a loud protest from Oushirou, "What's wrong with that? Doesn't it sound a lot cuter?"

Without responding to the upbeat man, Homare bent down his straightened back in slight extend, bowing courteously to the girls. "I'm sorry for our rudeness." Homare apologised politely.

Just when Asu was about to respond, another girl on the other end answered on behalf of her.

"Don't worry. I believe Asu-san is, definitely, okay with this." Midori said in panicked, grabbing the attention of Asu.

Being an outgoing one, Midori is never the type that Asu can handle well.

As much as Asu tried to avoid getting in touch with Midori; however, there are times when she couldn't- and that's when it comes to Mai.

'Be patience, Asu... For the sake of Mai.' a voice played in her mind, reminding herself to overcome the urge of leaving.

"Model...?" Kazuki uttered nonchalantly.

A simple word with an unpleasant tone ended the shared conversation, distracted the others, and chased away the smile that Asu worked hard to remain on her face all this time.

"Which kind of model agency stooped so low to have you as their model, huh?" he added the tease as he gave a glance to the brunette from the edge of his emerald eyes.

Once again, the brows of Asu knitted firmly. She tightened her grip on the glass as if it could aid in cooling down the burning annoyance in her.

"Ano saa-!" Asu prepared to perform her counterattack, literally. However, her words strangled by the unexpected question from Mai.

"Ano saa, what kind of clubs that all of you are?" Mai sped up her speaking pace, pulling back Asu from speaking out her mind. As if getting the signal of Mai, the guys answered immediately.

"I'm in Archery club." Homare answered, following by Oushirou, "Obviously, Broadcast and Photography."

"President of the Student Council." Kazuki replied after Oushirou as he crossed his arms and widened his smirk further.

As if the blazing volcano has finally reached its heating point, the suppressing annoyance within Asu has finally come to an outburst after noticing the egotism on his face.

"Heh... President, huh? You guys must be tough having him as the leader, ne?" she teased smilingly while looking at Oushirou and Homare before glancing at the grey-haired man.

Somehow, she started to learn where did he get his arrogance and self-confidence; yet, it wasn't sufficient to stop her dissatisfaction towards the president.

"Zannen da, the students under my lead are elite enough to meet my expectation." Kazuki responded with confidence before leaning forward with his elbow pressing against the dining table.

"Dou? Do you need me to discipline you to be elite?" he added, locking his eyes on hers while flashing a grin.

What is meant to happen will happen eventually. The war that the others were trying hard to avoid has finally begun.

As if the king and queen of jungle declared war, a sense of helpless rose within the others.

A droplet of sweat dropped on the others' head following by a defeated sigh escaped from their lips; yet, the burning fire in those emerald and hazel eyes blinded them all.

"So, even the president of the elite academy would harass girl sexually, huh?" Asu caught his word and replied with hints of dissatisfaction.

"Harassing girl sexually?" Kazuki blinked amusingly before adding, "Do you mean you're a girl, or that you're attractive enough for me to harass you sexually?"

As the conversation moved on, Oushirou held his camera on the right while fishing out his cellphone from the slant pocket of his blazer.

Hiding the bright screen underneath the wooden dining table, he typed on the blank space of the interface.

Not long after he tapped the 'Send' button, a brief alert tone played behind the argument, alerting Mai.

Oushirou, then, nudged Homare's side with his elbow, giving the tealnette an eye contact before glancing at the sliding door behind the girls.

Simultaneously, Mai took out her cellphone and read the notification casually. Blinking blankly, Mai placed the back of her hand onto Midori's thigh- with the displayed text message facing up.

'Meet outside. Wait you.' was what on the screen, not to mention, with a wink emoticon at the end of the short text message.

Midori took a glimpse of the screen before shifting her glance to the raven-haired female. As if their eyes speak, they stared at each other for a moment before the companies of Kazuki stood up.

"Ah, I'm starving! We'll go and order some foods!" Oushirou said in a singsong tone as he dragged Homare out with him by the forearm.

Just right after the sliding door closed, Mai stood up with soft laughter. "I want to go to washroom too. Midori, please accompany me." Mai said with her hand covering her mouth gently while standing up and walking out of the room with the helpless Midori.

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