Rocky Flight

Rocky Flight  airplane stories

ashj Constructive criticism appreciated
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Found this in my archive with reference to the river Popper theory of Paul Ehrlich. The environment is considered a plane. And rivets (species) that hold it together. If each passenger pulls one out they won't cause any change in the flight initially (environmental functions) but as more rivets are pulled out, the plane becomes dangerously feeble (ecosystem imbalance) which is fatal to everyone.

Rocky Flight

Pop pop pop Human snatching planes rivets all out. The earth seemed to hold fine, Ha! it won't be wrong to swallow bulls all nine.

Pop pop pop More rivets pulled out. Changing weather, growing environmental intolerances. Yet situation for wretched humans never tenses.

Pop pop pop The planes wing rivets are about to fall. Sixth species mass extinction. Weather-people unleash their horrifying world-about-to-end prediction.

Pop pop pop Guilty pockets full of rivets, plane fallen down Ecosystem is dead. It hasn't made headlines yet. Why would it? human's ugly faith has been met.

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