Cloudy spell

Cloudy spell clouds stories

ashj Constructive criticism appreciated
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Alice's adventures in the wonderland can wait for this moment of beauty, can they not?

Cloudy spell

Gathering company of dark swishes. How snowy geese, together float In a pursuit to offered crumbs. A porous veneer to thorny rays. Easy breeze, easy glow Birth to this entangled association.

Her preoccupied mind- vacuous. Arms abandon the bonded pages, Push past window pane; long a soft tickle. Girl's spell cast. Like her fond heroine; the petite figure embellished in blue fabric -Alice had once been.

Book pushed aside. Folding hundreds of pages unread. -Alice must wait.

Fair feet with a mind of own Shuffle out the door. She stands there Absorbing the cloudy influence. Breeze giggles past. Flesh and bones slacken. Oh, except for that tiny rebellion of the lips. That stretch In a hushed curve.

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