Beyond the Bedroom Door

Beyond the Bedroom Door mother stories

ashj Constructive criticism appreciated
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Trying out some rhymes lately.

(((I deleted one of my poems on mistake LOVE THAT FOR ME HAHA)))

Beyond the Bedroom Door

"Outside is not the same as this" Whispers leapt through cheeks fatigued by candy kiss.

By a mother of the boy aged five. A lesson to mould the mind that spoke the language 'naive'.

"People may not be as warm as Mr Teddy. It'll be worries and buzzing flies hung like space-themed confetti.

Days not kissed goodbye with warm sweet milk. No one to God bless your every "hicc".

No snazzy neon lamps to shoo away grotesque looking Boogy men. That wallet bloated with grandma's love would slim in a pit of middlemen.

Nights to be spent in a pool of sweat with no ventilator set at 25. They'll be dark cold days and colder people unlike toy soldiers, whose motto to unite."

Two eyes screaming questions, blankly blinked. "you'd comprehend in twenty years" (those that'll arrive in a wink)

That being one of her two promises. The second "despite all, dada and I are a knock away to offer lullaby twined kisses"

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