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How do your monsters limit you and keep you repeating the same patterns?


she sat so quietly

all while the monsters roared

and listened as they would berate her

leaving her beaten, bruised and sore

"You're worthless, dumb, unlovable"

"You'll never be enough."

"You're selfish, ugly, lazy, dull"

"You're never measure up"

she believed all of the monster’s words

she knew them to be true

she'd heard them countless times before

by those who loved her, too

despite the angry monsters

and her loathing deep inside

she wore a mask of friendship

with an ever present smile

"if I'm nice enough they'll like me"

"if I'm good enough they'll stay"

"if I give and give and fail to take, they will never go away"

but it never took too long

for everything to spoil

the hopes and dreams, they'd promised her

soon washed away like soil

in the beginning she'd be perfect

they couldn't find a fault

but in time they'd find she's human

and from the pedestal she drops

eventually she comes crashing

down unto the ground

she looks only to find

that no one is around

and so she picks up the pieces

to build herself again

into the ideal woman

for it’s their love she needs to win

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