We gotta tell the pack
We gotta tell the pack teen wolf stories

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Derek is determined to tell the pack about his relationship with Stiles. Stiles isn't quite so certain.

We gotta tell the pack

"They are going to freak out!" Stiles protested, sitting on his bed next to Derek. He sighed and threw a shirt at the handsome werewolf.

"And could you put that on? I have a hard time concentrating when you're half-naked"

Derek shrugged and got dressed, but he didn't relent on his decision.

"Stiles, we gotta tell the pack"

"They won't understand... Scott will freak out"

"He will understand. He's your best friend, isn't he? And he's the pack leader. We can't hide any of this from him, not any longer"

"Can't we wait to actually know what this is before telling them all about it?"

Derek grabbed Stiles by the back of his neck in that possessive, intense way the teenager loved so much and kissed Stiles deeply.

Only once they were out of breath did he move away.

"I know what we are. And I know what you are, Stiles: You are mine. Or do you want to be anyone elses?"

"No..." Stiles admitted, smiling dreamily. "I don't want to be with anyone else"

"Then it's settled. We'll tell the pack tomorrow morning"

He smiled wickedly at Stiles as he leaned in for another kiss "Tonight, I think it's time I take off my shirt again..."

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