Don't look behind you... again.

Don't look behind you... again. short story stories

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You thought it was over?
Well, then I dare you to look back again...
Good luck this time around.

Link to part one:

Don't look behind you... again.

You thought you'd be safe, right? Just another creepy story to spook you in the middle of the night. Nothing but harmless fun.

You figured it's like a rollercoaster. It pumps you full of adrenaline, but you'll come out without a scratch on you.

So you read the first story and you figured: "I looked back, there was nothing but a wall there. Or my mom, sister, or any other loved one."

That's how I get you.

You feel safe, secure. You think I meant that one time, you shouldn't look back. But it's not quite so easy, insignificant human.

One day, one evening, one night, you'll look behind you. And then I'll be. Smirking the cruel smile of the eternal.

I'm the reason you can't fall asleep at night whenever you're sure you heard a sound. I'm the reason you feel goosebumps while walking alone in a dark street.

You can't see me, but your mind knows I'm there. Lurking, waiting. Playing with my prey.

And the time will come. I'll be there, right behind you, when you least expect me to be. And then you'll see me, and remember this warning... all too late.

Goodnight, human. Go to sleep. Perhaps I'll be waiting in the morning when you first open your eyes. Hope the thought of me watching you sleep doesn't bring you nightmares.

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