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I know you'll want to do it now, but for all that's good and holy, don't look behind you!

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Don't look behind you

You now want to look behind you, I know it. It's instinctual, like thinking about pink elephants when you are told not to.

Maybe you already did it. Maybe you chuckled at being so silly and turning around.

That will only make what's about to happen even worse for you.

I'm sorry about doing this, but I just want to survive. I have a kid, a husband, I love my life.

I bet you have people who love you too, and I'm very sorry about doing this.

Listen to me, please: Don't look back.

It's lurking close to you now. So close.

Can you hear that?

It's almost imperceptible now, but it won't be for long. I bet you can notice something moving closer.

I sent it to you, offered it a new victim. This story is a trap, and you've fallen for it. Now it knows you are out there.

Running won't help, I've tried it before. I barely survived that experience.

Let me give you a piece of advice. It's the least I can do, now that I've doomed you to a hellish experience.

For no reason in the world allow the lights to go off. Keep them on, at all times. During the night, during the day, it doesn't matter.

Keep your cellphone handy in case it makes sure the lamps in your apartment or home stop working. It's clever that way. Devious that way.

Don't scream. Screaming makes it hurt you all the worse.

But more importantly, don't look directly at it. So for crying out loud... don't look behind you now.

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