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Stiles' past haunts the young teenager even to this day.


All through his childhood, and ever since his mother's death, Stiles had suffered from extreme anxiety.

It was not easy, getting over his mother dying right in front of him, all alone.

His father should have been there, but even at a young age, Stiles didn't blame him: He had been tending to a terrible accident, and what else was he supposed to do?

He had been just a kid when his mother was hospitalized, but that was not the beginning of his trauma. He remembered little of it, and yet the repressed memories hounded him deeply.

Due to her dementia, his mom had been convinced the nervous and fidgety Stiles had wanted to murder her.

She believed with all her heart her child was her enemy and had attacked him on more than one occasion before she was forced into a hospital.

It was impossible for him to brush off the ghosts that haunted his mind.

He would often experience intense panic attacks, and as much as he tried to be normal, his pain won over reason most of the time.

If it hadn't been for his friendship with Scott and the support of his father, Stiles knew he wouldn't have been able to make it past his inner demons.

In time, though, all wounds healed... but he could still feel his threatening to open up all over again, even after all these years.

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