A truly outdoorsy Bunny
A truly outdoorsy Bunny short story stories

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Yet another stuffed animal adventure!
This time, Teddy allowed Bunny to take the spotlight!

Follow up to these stories:

A truly outdoorsy Bunny


I'm the truly outdoorsy Bunny. Not like that indoor Teddy that prefers napping around the house all day.

Yes, you could say we're rivals. See the button I use instead of a nose? I got it in a fight with Teddy!

Well... not really. Perhaps I got too close to the dog's mouth when trying to train her.

But look at her now, she's completely tamed!

That's why I decided to become a doctor!

No, it's not a toy kit. I really am a doctor, see?

Really! A super serious doctor.

My glasses make me look so professional

The truth is I'm a real daredevil. Look at me riding this super dangerous thingamabob!

Uhm, well, maybe it's not SO dangerous after all.

Ok, ok, you'll love this one: It's me actually flying!

Uhm... ok, no. I'm not flying. Sorry about that.

Let's try something else. I have super expensive tastes.

This fondue is coming out great!

No, it's not empty! It's just really dark cheese!

Look at me riding this super dangerous duck!

Oops! I need some more practice after all!

Ok, this is more my speed!

I also know how to stop and smell the flowers. Appreciate the little things

Enjoy nature all around me. So outdoorsy!

Well, I have to be going now! I'm going to enjoy my amazing swing for a while!

See you soon, thanks for following my totally outdoorsy adventures!

So who do you prefer?

Teddy the not-so-outdoorsy bear?

Or the mega-super-adventurous Bunny the... ...Uh... bunny?

Please let me know in the comments. Not to put any pressure on you guys, but I kind of have a bet going on with a certain Teddy. And I'd sort of love to win!

I'll give you this super expensive plate if you vote for me. Just don't tell Teddy I'm giving you his plate!

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