A totally outdoorsy bear
A totally outdoorsy bear short story stories

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I'm Theodore, the brave, adventurous, outdoorsy teddy bear.

A totally outdoorsy bear


I'm Theodore, the brave, adventurous, outdoorsy teddy bear.

You see, I refuse to be indoors. I'm always jumping to my next adventure!

Like swimming with colorful fishes. There's nothing better to get an adrenaline rush!

They are so dangerous! I could be eaten alive any second now!

Well... maybe not.

Maybe I jumped on the toilet. But let me show you my next adventure: You'll be so impressed!

I ride horses all the time!

I'm an amazing rider! Look at me soaring, as fast as the wind!

Well... it might be just a toy horse. But he's really spirited nonetheless!

This will truly impress you, though! This is my enemy. So large, so tall, almost ten times my size!

You should be terrified! But don't worry, I'll protect you!

Here I'm squashing it so you won't be scared any longer. Ain't I incredibly brave?

And what about my incredible climbing abilities?

Look at me achieving this awe-inspiring prowess! It's unlike anything you ever witnessed before!

Well... it might just be a closet. But it's so impressive too, right?

I have so many books to browse through!

The only problem is I don't quite know how to read them!

I meet great animals in my adventures, like these threatening ducks!

Which are really... really tiny. But they are not less threatening because of it!

Ok, so maybe I'm not an outdoorsy teddy.

But you know what? I have good friends in my lovely home.

Lots of friends!

Now, it's time for my beauty sleep.

A cute teddy like me needs to get plenty of naps to face his many adventures!

Goodnight to you all!

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