A not-so-outdoorsy teddy
A not-so-outdoorsy teddy short story stories

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I'm Theodore, and I have a confession to make. I might not be as outdoorsy as I claimed to be.

A not-so-outdoorsy teddy

Hi! I'm Theodore, the brave, adventurous and maybe not-so-outdoorsy teddy bear.

I wanted to tell you the truth: I'm really more of an inside teddy.

Except for when I'm riding my awesome car. It's so fast!

I totally fit inside, I swear!

I just had a heavy lunch today.

But don't be thinking my life is boring just because I spend a lot of time at home! I keep myself busy every day!

Like when I exercise with the bathroom's rod! Need to keep myself fit, after all.

Or when I cook my delicious dinners.

I also go out for lunch, but the service is always so slow, I'm afraid I'll starve.

Maybe they think I'm waiting for my little human to arrive before they take my order?

I also spend a lot of time on my computer. Here I am checking my last post. I'm so popular!

As you see, I'm also an awesome poker player: I always win.

I just need to find out how to trade these chips for actual money. That's always the tricky part.

I'm preparing for a date tonight: My girlfriend is coming over.

Yes, of course I shave!

And I brush my teeth as well, I want to look good for her.

This is her, the most beautiful toad in the world!

Thanks for visiting me again! I'm now going to write a thank you note to each one of you.

It might take me a while, so please be patient! I'm a very busy teddy, after all.

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